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Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry Smoothies

This week i was trying one of green smoothies recipe again.. 🙂 Yap, think should make it as a habbit, to maintain beauty and health.. And i am not bluffing or lying, the taste of this green smoothies is really good.. Hmmm maybe because the combianation within fruit and vegie is also good, i heard only some vegie (non-carbo) can …

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Kam Chuen Seafood and BBQ, Zhu Chao Eating Place in Hougang, Singapore

We called it Zhu Chao stall where you can find so many variety of Chinese style wok food, but actually is more to Cantonese style cuisine..Some people said zhu chao is identical with oily food, haha, actually yes for some of the menu, but sometimes really craving to eat zhu chao. And i always end up with fish soup or …

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Style of the Week (3rd Week of July 2013)

Sigh, time running extremely fast.. It’s mid of July alrd.. Monday, 15th July 2013 Outfit coordination: – Dress: H&M ombre flower print – Cardigan, i think it’s from Mangga Dua, Jakarta-Indonesia – Bag: Prada saffiano Ops, seems like my tummy bloated.. Premenstrual syndrome.. Sigh.. Eating like pig, keep on munchy munchy, can’t stop from snacking.. Oi, if like this i …

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My Sushi Dictionary

Actually few years ago I learnt Japanese, it’s just for my own good. I love Japanese foods and i love Japanese culture, everything about Japanese.. Huh?! Been so long never talk in Japanese, forgot lots of Japanese words.. This post is just to remind me about food, LOL!!! Especially sushi and sashimi.. droollll*  ðŸ™‚ Sake : Salmon (Salmon, Smoke Salmon, Seared …

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Bistro Soori and Miz Japanese Restaurant

Bistro Soori Lunch Set I love good food!!! Starter: Sauteed Garlic Prawns, Mixed Greens My favourite Baked Chilean Seabass, Sauteed Mushroom, Broccoli Puree, Broccoli Florets for main course..  The fish meat so tender and juicy.. Love it to the max.. And it’s very light calories.. Yippiii!!!  Dessert: Almond Milk Panna Cotta, Blueberry Gastrique, Almond Crumb I like the mixture of sweet comes from …

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Underarm Hair Removal Treatment at Musee Platinum Tokyo, Millenia Walk

18th July 2013 Today is my 11 of 12 underarm treatments on hair removal salon, Musee Platinum Tokyo.. Well actually has been done it for almost two years.. It’s unlimited underarm treatment session which they claim underarm hair shall be not growing after 12 sessions of treatment. From one session to another session shall be within 2 month.. So once …

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Cooking Time!!!

Sunday, 14th July 2013 We prepared foods for our routine Monday lunch together in office..  Pasta Salad – Cheery tomato – Butterhead/ Lettuce – Kernell corn – Carrot  – Pasta Fried Rosemary Honey Chicken Wings My friend marinated chicken wings night prior before we fried it.. She share with me ingredients to marinate the chicken wings: – Fish sauce (brand: …

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Outfit of the Week (2nd Week July 2013)

Every week i will post my mix and match style for office attire.. I can always hv new style even with very tight budget, bcoz i like to hunt cheap items and match it with my old items.. ^^v Can proudly said, i hardly bought dress more than $100 (hmm except for my wedding gown), and max price for me …

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Visit Punggol Waterways and Punggol Beach

Date of Visit: 20th Feb 2012Walked Punggol Promenade and Lorong Halus Wetland.. Mimosa pudica (Putri Malu, Touch-Me-Not) Mimosa_pudica  the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, re-opening minutes later Mixture planting of seaside plants: Barringtonia asiatica, Scaevola taccada, Ipomoea pes carpae and Pennisetum setaceum  Lalang field (Penisetum spp.) Red bridge towards Lorong Halus Wetland JUMP!!! Accidentally found this …

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Green Smoothies Pinacolada

Get inspired of green smoothies to maintain my weight and skin beauty so i give it a try.. Here is my first recipe got from website 5 reasons why i would like to start drink this green smoothies: 1. Natural energy booster2. Natural weight loss drink3. Simple way to boost your immune system4. Full of disease-fighting antioxidants5. Hands down— …

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