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Colourful Life!

Every Sunday i always have a good time together with hubby.. 🙂 Sunday morning going to church and after church hubby fetch me. After that we always having our favourite food, what else, except Indonesian food!!! So far he pretty enjoy all type of Indonesian cuisine like Nasi Padang, Sundanese food, bakmie (dry noodles) with fried dumpling and my Mom’s …

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Trend Alert: Pleated Dress

A pleat (older plait) is a type of fold formed by doubling fabric back upon itself and securing it in place. It is commonly used in clothing and upholstery to gather a wide piece of fabric to a narrower circumference. (source: Wikipedia) Trend of pleated is coming back this season.. It creates ‘girly’ yet pretty silhoutte, very suitable for formal or …

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Ode to Tropical Prints

Summer never ends here.. LOL!!!  Kidding! Anyway, here is tropical country..  I had a friend staying in Canada before.. She was saying stay in tropical country more fun, you can have more variety in your style. She said when she’s living there, almost all year round pretty cold, so she only able to wear thick coat and lots of inner …

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Jeffrey Campbell Icy Doll Shoes – Yay or Nay?

Been eyeing all Jeffrey Campbell shoes.. It’s high street style and very chic design..  Can’t hardly wait for my Soiree Platform coming to Singapore.. Q.Q I just bought it from, took 3-4 weeks for shipping.. And suddenly found this “cute”.. “chic”.. and.. “creepy” shoes.. EH?!!! Why ah?  Just bcoz inside its transparent heels got the dolls’ head. “What kind …

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Style of The Month (September): Zara Skorts

Skort (aka Short+Skirt) is really HOT now.. Well i admit, i really love to wear it compare than normal shorts..WHY?Because i feel skort is more comfortable and create illusion of longer legs (I LOVE this!) and everybody can wear it.. Design is very chic and simple, make your look more fashionable..Zara come with their skort collection in few basic colour, …

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