I.Fairy Contact Lenses… Star Brown…


Thank you Jones for helping me get my I.Fairy lenses! It’s my first time trying a pair of contacts with 16.2mm diameter. I always stick to my Geo lens with a 14.5mm diameter because i’m worried that beyond that it will be too big. But to my surprise, I like it! I asked Jon if it looks weird. He thinks that it’s quite ok too! (And I went on to buy a few more pairs… Haha..)

I.Fairy Star Series in Brown

The kawaii star shape design

With the lenses on… Super duper pupil-enlarging. Good for those looking for the doll eyes effect.

Took this photo before going for a photo shoot (Actually it was to show the funny hairstyle…) wearing my I.fairy lens!

Love it! :)



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