Mucota’s Hair Care… For Soft and Shiny Hair…


I’ve been plagued with dry, brittle and easily tangled hair for the longest time!

And I’m very happy to find the solution to end it all.
Thanks for the sponsor of Mucota Hair Care range!!

I was given these 3 products to try out.
1) Mucota Aire 02 Emollient CMC Shampoo (Aqua)
2) Mucota Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment (Aqua)
3) Mucota Aire 10 Veil for Straight

Mucota Aire 02 Emollient CMC Shampoo (Aqua)

Mucota Aire 02 Emollient CMC Shampoo (Aqua)

Mucota Aire 02 Emollient CMC Shampoo (Aqua) feels watery and light.

– With scalp and hair-friendly cleansing element base
– Bubble with smooth and soft feeling
– Ceramide-like substance, CMC Amino element permeates into the hair, and improves the winding and loose hair that causes hair to expand.
– Loosen hardened hair due to damage to become soft
– Maintain soft feeling
– Soft finishing with retained moisture
– Mangosteen sweet fragrance

I love the shampoo! It doesn’t dry my hair, and the fragrance is oh so heavenly and sweet! There were less tangles in my hair even when my hair was still wet in the shower. Feels very different as compared to my regular shampoo.

Mucota Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment (Aqua)

Mucota Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment (Aqua)

Creamy texture.

– Treatment with rich honey mixture to maintain the moisture in dry hair
– The mixture of honey with CMC, jojoba oil has emollient (softness) effect to smoothen the internal of loose hair that had been damaged to recover its softness.
– While smoothening the moist hair, the finishing does not lose its volume
– Refreshing Apple Peach fragrance

This series of hair care has the nicest smell! I love the smell so much that I kept smelling my hair after that! Hahahah…

Directions for use:
1. After shampooing, use both hands to apply the treatment to the entire hair focusing on hair-ends.
2. After applying completely, heat it for 3~5 minutes, and wrap with towel, then leave it – to have better effect
3. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water
4. Short ~ Medium : 50-cent coin size / Long: 1.5 or 2.0 times 50-cent coin size

Mucota Aire 04 Veil Mask Treatment (Aqua) left my hair feeling soft and there were significantly less tangles. The dry and fried hair ends looked so much better too! Running my fingers through my entire hair length was a breeze and combing my hair when it was wet isn’t a chore anymore!!

Mucota Aire 10 Veil for Straight

Mucota Aire 10 Veil for Straight

I love the pump design for this non-rinse conditioner!
It’s so convenient!

– Soft, supple feeling as if swayed by the wind – ideal feeling for straight hair
– CMC-based non-rinse treatment element provides smooth finish. Protect the hair against dryness from the heat of iron or dryer.
– 18MEA high-formula will block hair against damage by UV.
– Refreshing Green apple fragrance

Directions for use:
1. Before using dryer, towel dry the hair to loosen up
2. Apply onto hair
3. Focus on hair-ends when applying
4. Dry with hair dryer
5. For hair-ends only, push half amount gently, spread it and use for entire hair:
=Short – Gentle half-push
=Medium – 1 push
=Long – 1 ~ 2 push

I’m going to say it again: The smell is awesome!!!! Hahahaha….

Mucota Aire 10 Veil for Straight has a creamy texture but it doesn’t weigh down the hair! Hair appears light and silky after use.

I love tis range of Mucota hair products! (^^)/

And here’s another introduction to the DYNA Treatment which I’ve blogged about last December! Read it here!

DYNA treatment is not rebounding or perming, but yet it straightens and curls hair beautifully! Do read my post on my transformation from my curls to my sleek straight hair to know more about it.
4 months after I did the DYNA treatment, my hair is still nice and straight and natural looking! :)

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And let’s all say hi to beautiful hair with Mucota! :)

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  1. Maria
    August 8, 2013 at 6:49 am

    I love the Mucota products, where I can buy in the El Paso Texas, USA?
    Thank you

    • xiaoxin
      August 11, 2013 at 2:41 pm

      Hi Maria! I’m not too sure about where you can purchase them in The US though. So sorry! :)

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