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Samantha Thavasa

I was browsing a magazine sometime back when I chanced upon this!

Samantha Thavasa is now available in Singapore with its flagship store opened in ION!

Samantha Thasava Overview:
“Samantha Thavasa is one of Japan’s leading fashion brands and has been endorsed by both Japanese and international celebrities alike, including Jessica Michibata, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham. Known for its girlishly chic handbags and accessories, Samantha Thavasa embodies femininity at its best – womanly confidence with a youthful dash of fun and spontaneity.”

And I’m in love with the bag that was featured in the print ad!

A closer look… So girlish so kawaii isn’t it?!
$479 for this cutie… Should I should I?

I was asking Dear Dear if I should go get it… Its always the same reply, “喜欢就买吧..” But still he said… he doesn’t understand why I need so many bags….

Hahaha… I think men won’t understand! Hahahaah….

Should I? ;p

CNY 2011 – Day 3 :)

I spent my CNY day 3 at Steven’s new place and my parent’s place! There were so many photos…. I just picked a few!

My colleagues! From left: Angie, Shunting, Fiona and me!
Steven tailor-made a cabinet in the shape of Snoopy’s little house for his toys collection! Can you see Snoopy lying on top? Uber cute…
Spot: Fiona’s hair and my hair’s tangled together!

That’s the balcony, though Steven kind of made it into a little pond!

I love Doraemon! And Steven showed me his Mcdonald’s Zodiac Doraemon that he imported specially from Hongkong. I wanna steal them already… hahahaha…

And Day 3 was open house at my parents place and of course, I must be there!
With my darling niece!

All the sweet kids!
Actually there are more!

My cousin John is so funny… made his whole family come as 4 oranges! Happy family!

Top from myrosebullet, acid wash jeans from FEP.
My old room with all my stuff and furniture removed, and replaced with my niece and nephew’s things! Oh.. my fire red wall is gone too! Boo!
I miss this little room a lot… I spent so much of my life in here, all the memories of my growing years!!

I queued my CNY Day 4 post for tomorrow! :)

I Found This Familiar Face on Youtube!

I followed a link that leads to my blog and I found this!!!

YumixPanda 332 took my zero makeup photo from my Dr Jart’s BB Cream post and made it into a Youtube video! She attempted to make me look like a Korean doll and put on makeup digitally for me! I had fun watching it and I think I should do it with myfriends photos! hahaha….
Video by YumixPanda332

Go try on your photos and see if you turned into the uber big eye girl in the vid… muahahaha…

CNY 2011 – Day 2 :)

Headed to Dear’s mummy’s place for lunch ( I love Auntie’s cooking! ) and the 3 of us headed to Dear’s Grandpa’s place to 拜年!

Dear and his mummy! Its quite easy to tell that they are mother and son. They do look alike and in certain ways, are very alike in the character!
Grandpa and grandson moment… reminiscing the past….
From the old albums.. we found this! This is Auntie when she was a little girl! So cute!
And this is Dear’s Grandpa when he was a young man. He works as a bus conductor.
Can you see the bus number? and the route! Finlayson Green and Katong, via Tanjong Katong Road….
I love this photo…. Dear’s grandpa buttoned his shirt wrongly and Auntie’s helping him do it…
Its beautiful…
A nice family photo!
Me, Dear Dear and his Grandpa!
I’ll develop all these photos for them!
I mentioned that I bought a tripod?
I was playing with it and testing it while Dear Dear was getting ready to go out and here’s one photo! Not nice leh….. >_<|||
Anyway, I bought this blue dress from Swivelle, one of my favourite blogshops!
Headed for more visitings after that and reached home very tired again. Well I can’t complain… It was wonderful to have family time and catching up, and to eat all the yummy home-cooked meals and new year goodies! And I don’t have to go to work whereas Dear had to head for work after all the visitings, come back in wee hours in the morning, sleep only for a few hours, and head out for more visitings the next morning!
Counting my blessings,
xiaoxin ;p

CNY 2011 – Eve and Day 1 :)

Happy Rabbit Year!!!! May all have a wonderful year ahead!


Hahaha… Took this photo with Kele last December!
Fiona! My partner for the day!
Hafiizh the dude who sits diagonally behind me! Look… He got naturally straight teeth…. let’s whack him… muahahaha….
Fiona and I hosting the show for the day!
I love the radiant smiles from Huifang and Mdm Lee! They must be really happy!
It was a half day on the eve of CNY and Serene treated us to a scrumptious lunch and a Lo Hei! We are all gonna mega-huat for the Rabbit Year already!
Next is the Reunion dinner at my parents’ place in the evening! Mummy cooked so much! Not all dishes are served when I took this photo!
We spent a lot of time together watching TV and chatting and playing with my little niece and nephew…
Ah Gong and grandson playing ball ball…. I love this photo… :)
The happy family! My sister, Nick and their little ones…..
Check out the father and son t-shirt… kawaii!
CNY Day 1
No dark, smokey eyes for CNY Day 1. Eyeliner with eyeshadow in shades of pink plus highlighter. Remember the Sephora Nude Lippy I bought? Tried it on today….
I woke up early to get ready. Poor Dear Dear works night so he slept only at 7 plus in the morning. I had to nudge him to wake him up early to go visiting… Poor boy… But we managed to get home at around 5pm ( The earliest I ever managed!!) and he could nap for a short while before heading out for work again.
Before we go out for new year visiting… We prepared an ang pow stuffed with hay for our dearest son Kele!!
We headed to Dear Dear’s cousin’s place first… Forgot to take photos cos we were all too busy chit-chatting, playing MJ and gorging ourselves. Hahaha… Evelyn got pretty crazy today singing to Anthony Neely’s album…..
Headed to my cousin’s place next!
My gorgeous 表嫂, me and my cousin, Weihang!
John and me!
and last but not least…. With my Dear Dear before we head home to rest!
Happy New Year people! :)
Huat ah Huat ah!!!

Love More… Love Me More!

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Chinese New year is here and many girls are now pampering their skin and hoping to look their best when the new year starts! Love yourself and love your skin more with Love More Facial Mask, the no.1 top selling mask from taiwan!

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Tiffany Hsu!

She’s a very pretty model/actress in Taiwan that has performances in quite a number of idol dramas.

and also Kary Ng, who’s a pop singer in Hongkong.

Don’t we want to look as good as thy do 365 days a year? They had wonderful reviews on the Love More Mask, and I was very glad when I received 3 boxes of Love More Mask for reviews!

Feeling very happy with the 3 boxes of mask! Thank you! I’ll review two of them today!


I really love the japan Electric Ore Peptide Duo Lifting Mask! The most unique feature that you’ll spot is the innovation shape of the mask. You’ll be wondering how to put it on!

Its soaked and dripping with essence!


Can you see that the mask is hooked onto my ear? First, you pull 2 sides to hook onto your ear and there’ll be another piece of cloth dangling down your chin. Its for the jawline area and you wrap the mask around your jawline and put another hook to your ear. Because of the pull from hooking the mask on your ears, you face will feel tight and that’s where the extra lifting will come from!

After using the mask, my skin was significantly tighter. It was amazing. Skin was also supple and hydrated and very smooth. This mask is highly recommended!

Japanese Pearls Firming and Whitening Mask.

Whitening and anti-aging are the most important part of my skin care routine and the Japanese Pearls Firming and Whitening Mask takes care of it all! My skin was very moisturized and I do look fairer! Although this mask doesn’t have hooks for the ears like the 3D mask does, I like the fact that it adheres to the skin smoothly with few bulges, and that I know the mask touches my skin, and not leave the airy spaces in between my skin and the mask!

Supple and nice skin!

I Like!!!

And I’m going to share the love with you! You can now redeem samples from The Sample Store now and try them out. Do take part in the photo voting contest at Lush Beauty’s Facbook Page too! Vote for me la! I’ll update the link once the voting starts! :)

Love Yourself. Love More…
Happy Chinese New Year!
Huat ah!