30 Days Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 Challenge: The Meaning Behind Your Blogger Name

Xiaoxin. 小心。
Because my name is Xinyi (心仪). That simple.
And it was inspired by 蜡笔小新 as well. Hahahah!
I had actually wanted to take this url: http://xin.blogspot.com. But I couldn’t because it was taken. So I added one “z”, but still taken! In the end, I got the url that I’ve been using for the past 6 years — xin + z + (another) z = xinzz.blogspot.com. And I think it actually look better with 2 Zs now… hahaha.
So yeah… Xiaoxin… its warns me to be careful too you know.
Imagine the scenario……
You were walking along the road in total peace when someone shouted “xiao xin!” (which means “be careful” in Chinese…), what would your reaction be?
Ya… Iive been pretty much on my toes ever since this nick came around….. especially to those who SHOUTS my nick…. hahahahah!
PS: And therefore, its fun, because my nick doesn’t just meant “be careful”, it has become a noun too. And Dear Dear made used of this to compose a song called 《小心》for me when we just got together.



4 thoughts on “30 Days Challenge – Day 2

  1. Ju Ann: Yeah! Hahaha… but I've got a feeling that I'll take forever to clear these 30 days! You doing too? I'll pop over to see!! :)

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