random thoughts…

Today’s weather is extremely nice. The first thing i did when i reached home in the afternoon was to open up all my windows. The wind was so strong that when i opened my windows in the study room, i had my papers flying all over the room (yes, that how messy my study is…oops…).

Can i have my voice back please!! it has gone missing some time back, came back, then gone missing again, now half back. i getting kinda frustrated already. Was having lessons today, after about 45 mins, it just dissappeared miraculously and came back after i rested for about 3 periods. What the! It’s getting on my nerves…. i tot all the rest i got during the national day break will bring everything back to place but then it seems that it’s not the case. Come back will ya?!

Every few days i wanna write something. But i never have the time to get around doing it. after completing all my duties for the day, i always forget i need to factor in my rest time. so factoring that in… no time to write anything. backdate for a while… hahaha….

My thoughts are fragmented today…. not much of the theme…
hence the tittle random thoughts….




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  1. snooch
    August 12, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    I totally agree about the weather today! sings *Its a beautiful day!!!*

    I also did the same thing when I got home today. I opened up ALL the windows in the house. It feels good to have the cold breeze blowing on my face. I wish the weather can be like that everyday. =)

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