Playlist Erased!

Last monday M accompanied me to my jamming session. While we were busy making lotsa unbearable noise M was using his Macbook to help me rename my over 200 songs in my ipod. My ipod playlist had always been in a mess and was very envious of his well-organized one. He took the trouble to re-do mine for me and transfered all the songs that he composed and all his demos into my ipod. (His compositions very nice loh…hee..)So sweet of him…

And! the worst thing happened today. Just when i was telling him yesterday about how my ipod hanged the other time and lost my whole playlist. I was telling him on the cab how i won’t be syncing my ipod anymore so that i won’t lost all the things he did for me. And my ipod had to hang today morning! argh!! i lost everything again…im so sad..inconsolable already..*sobs~~~*

Sorry dear… wasted all your efforts…

我越想就越sad loh…



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  1. i-am-fat
    April 1, 2008 at 4:41 am


    press and hold down to the

    -MENU and SELECT (middle) button-


    -SELECT (middle) and Play/Pause button-

    until the screen fades black to off mode


    it can be started in normal mode again after that.

    Not sure if your ‘weirdo’ ipod is the same as my ‘classic’ nano hahaha. boo.. you exhaust your ipod. bad user. overloaded will cause frequent screen hang lah!

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