What’s your beauty recipe?

Was invited by Jessie (MFP resident blogger) over for a nail treat on Sunday (=^ェ^=) ☆〜


I’m extremely glad for our blogger here, she’s setting up a beauty parlour herself! And if you read her blog, she often do nail tutorial for her readers! And now she’s pursuing her interest, at the same time serving people who love to have beautiful/healthy nails and everything girls require to look gorgeous!


Let them be your reason of beauty, Beauty Recipe


Jessie always believe customers deserve the best so they use high quality products for the best treats and relaxation that you deserve. Beautiful nails that don’t just last longer but stay healthy too.


From our conversation, I can say that Jessie is really dedicated to her customers. She doesn’t want to use ‘unknown’ brands, but she would rather spend a little more to get the best products and services to you girls. Jessie was telling me, “you spend money on a certain thing, of course you wanna get the best!” Always prioritize her customers, always putting herself in customer’s point of view. (〃^ω^〃)


Beauty Recipe provides services such as:
♡ Manicure/Pedicure
♡ Hand and Foot Spa
♡ Facial
♡ Eyebrow/Lip Embroidery
♡ Make Up
♡ Waxing


Speaking about waxing, Beauty Recipe uses Perron Rigot with waxing expert who’s French Certified. Perron Rigot waxing products are designed by a French manufacturer of depilatory waxes and used by beauty practitioners and professional salons all over the world. Trusted by being the best in the industry, you can be sure that your Perron Rigot will be of the highest quality and offer superior results!


And eyebrow embroidery at Beauty Recipe done by an ex-teacher and Facial done by beautician with many years experience.


You are in for a great treat!


So I got Pearly & Kelly to join me too~! ♪( ´θ`)ノ



Here’s my nails before extensions. It’s really brittle and chips easily. I just dislike bare nails, it’s like going out naked. Hahahaha.( ´Д`)y~~


So Jessie used suitable products and suitable way of extensions for my nails.


Love my pretty nails now! Told Jessie I love clean-looking nails, so she did the bridal nails (which is all in white with crystals) for me! Each flower was carved out by Jessie. So pretty right(。・ω・。)ノ♡



A photo with ladyboss, Jessie~♡


Visit www.thebeautyrecipe.com for more info of treatments/services  or read www.myfatpocket.com/jessieting for Owner’s blog : )



I’ll try the mole removal and waxing soon!


Beauty Recipe
Opening 3 May 2012
Blk 104 Jurong East Street 13
#01-102, Singapore 600104 (5 mins walk from Jurong East MRT)
CALL 9859 3982



For Blogger’s readers special:
Quote my name when you call for appointment at 9859 3982 to get 30% off any of the services.


(For advertorial enquiries please email me - wendy.c@live.com)



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