TOP 5 Guilty Pleasures



I trimmed my own fringe! Before that I was so indecisive on whether to keep my long fringe(which I wanted when I’ve got bangs), or to cut it. And now I feel so much like myself again hehehe.


Now here’s my 5 guilty pleasures:
1. Spend before I earn.
What a guilty pleasure! This is on the top of the list. I have this bad habit of spending my money even before I get my monthly wages and stuff. And thinking that my wages will cover my expenses for that particular month. That’s the reason why I don’t own a credit card. (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)


2. Sleeping till mid-afternoon.
I luuvvvv sleeping. Especially during weekends, which is the only time when I can rest till mid-afternoon without the hindrance of the alarm clock!


3. Shoes are never sufficient.
There’s so many pair of shoes in my shoe cabinet, but I still can’t get enough of it! And I tend to buy a pair each time I go shopping. To the extent that my boyfriend stops me from buying!!!  Σ( ꒪□꒪)‼
And the worst thing is that, I will wear them for once or twice and….. stick to the most comfortable loafers that I always wear. TSK.


4. Too much nail polish/skincare.
So much till it dries up/expires.


5. Horror movies.
I love watching them. And it’s probably the only genre I will watch in the theatre. But after the show ended, I daren’t shower. I don’t know why but the bathroom is always the scariest thing to me LOL.



What’s your guilty pleasures?


Alright, gonna hit the sack now!


Oyasumi ヾ(๑^▽^๑)ノ