Online shopping?

I don’t usually shop online because I kinda dislike the waiting time for the parcel to arrive. Let alone spree from overseas. (Like there’s capping, waiting for buyers to pay, sending orders overseas, waiting for it to ship to Singapore, seller to pack the parcels, send it out…. and lastly, get the parcel in prolly ONE MONTH LATER.)


That’s actually one main reason why I don’t join online sprees.


Another issue is that what you see on the net might not be what you’ll be getting. I bet most of the girls who shop online would face the same issue. Ordering something you thought it would look good, but often disappointment upon receiving it because the material/detail is different. Don’t you think so?


And now, I actually have a good news for all of you my dear girls!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆





Yes as the blog name suggests, it’s a spree-based blogshop. But it is definitely of quality service + quality items. I haven’t been shopping so happily without having to fret that my purchases is gonna take a long time to arrive or it’s gonna be below expectation!


What I love about :


♥ Affordable and relatively cheap apparels & footwear
Good quality
Efficient & great customer service (I am totally amazed by how fast spreeallday actually sent me my parcel, I received it less than a week after I placed my orders
♪(´ε` ))


I’m a happy girl nao. Where do you find such cheap thrills!!*hophop*


I shall let you view my loots from yo.


1. #C1 Available in Red/Black. $20



2. #E7 Available in Black/Apricot. $39
Love this cos I can look like a rockstar and feminine at the same time!



3. #D10 Available in Black/White. $18



4. #E7 Available in Pink. $27
I love the pink pumps with gold heart shaped chain 可愛い〜 (>^ω^<)❤


What are you waiting for???(>∀<●)ノ Head over to now!!!


Tata, chuuuuuuuu~ ❤❤❤

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2 thoughts on “Online shopping?

  1. Cookiecat

    ^.^ I really like online shopping, because I usually don´t have many time to go shopping and I think there is more assortment of items online :)
    Cute haul, epecially the shoes are gorgeous :) and you of course :D

    1. wendyashley

      Hi Cookiecat,

      Totally agree! But some blogshops totally spoil the market, this particular blogshop is the best spree I’ve seen so far:)

      Thank you!

      Happy shopping:)


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