HELLO BABIES !( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ☆




I am so addicted to McDees! Especially…………………………..




And I’m a happy girl because McDees have their MCVALUE Lunch from 12PM-3PM and they only cost $4.50/set meal!楽しげ!$.$


Lately, Twister Fries(curly wurly fries) is back!!And it’s rocking the whole townnnnnnnnnn yo. Om nom nom.



Here’s my sausage muffin breakkie today and I’mma eat my McLunch again!! I don’t care if it’s healthy if I eat McDees everyday, at least I can get fat. And I don’t have to think what to eat everyday @ work. Fast food is yummy and easy. Save all hassles.



OMG WHERE CAN I GET THIS!! I’ll be drinking them happily on my bed + shaking legs lor seriously.




Okay, I’ve decided. Let’s have a pest talk, AHAHHAHA.


We’ll compare between cockroach and lizard. I didn’t post photos of them cause’ the sight of them irks me. HAHA.


After doing some ‘survey’, I realised that people who’s afraid of roaches aren’t afraid of lizards and vice-versa. And I’m the latter. I think lizards are damn gross. They look so slimy yet dry and they leave their tails everywhere!!And imagine if you step on them……………………………….. OHMAGOD. That’s the end of the world. Eeeeeeeeeeeeew.


I mean, roaches are gross as well, but I’ve got no idea why they don’t freak me out like how the lizard does.


When there’s lizard crawling around my house, and my dad’s not around, my mom, my sis and I will scream and jump on the sofa and wait for my dad to come back to deal with it. HAHA!Okay kind of exaggerating but it’s true. LOL lizards are the worst thing ever. And I’ll get angry at my boyfriend when he tell me the lizard will go off by itself and refuses to get rid of it!!Cause’ it won’t!!!!!And it might just be flattened by me when I’m awake or I might just step on it if I walk to the kitchen.


Another pest that I detest are SNAILS.


They always come out of their snail home on rainy days and when you don’t realise, you’ll hear the “CRACCCC-KKKK” and you know it’s the snail. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW. They crawl slow and their slimy body is disgusting and their feelers that’s sticking out of their head is……….. unexplainable. Because of them I’ll get paranoid when I hear “crack” sound when I’m walking. Oh-mi-tuo-fo~ lol. I don’t know how can people consume escargots.


So which do you prefer, the legendary Kachuak or look-so-dry lizard??? HAHAHA.


P/s: I read my mail earlier in the morn and I’m elated to hear that there’s people whom appreciate my efforts for blogging. 大好きです!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


P/p/s: I ♡ my eyelash and my hair. If you’re wondering where I did them, it’s at AngelXin Beauty! I’ll always feel like a princess under their hands.


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