[ADV] Blogshopping @ FEP Level One #01-34


Sand vest from TheEverydayLifeStore


Made a trip over to BLOGSHOPPING @ FEP few weeks ago. If you aren’t aware what does BLOGSHOPPING sells, or you have yet to be there..



It’s a store retailing a variety of apparels from various blogshops!


If you want to see the physical apparel rather than purchasing online, here’s the place! Gathering the more popular blogshops in Singapore now ALL IN ONE STORE! In addition, there’s weekly new arrivals and exclusive items not available online retailing at the shop.


BlogShopping house : WonderStellar, HeyAdonia, CherSamme, LastBusRide, TheEverydayLifeStore, TheWhatIsDope, RoseArrk, MissMonday2007, FlyMeToParis, OhSummer & HerWalkInCloset.










I browsed through all the apparels & I picked a few really pretty pieces and tried them on! But seriously, there’s a truckload of choices to pick from and you’ll be spoilt for choices!


 Floral dress from MissMonday2007


 Sand romper from TheWhatIsDope


 Knitted throwover from Wonderstellar


Now you can join the mailing list to get first hand updates!



Website : http://www.blogshopping.com.sg/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/BlogShopping/214479001950446?sk=wall



Address: Far East Plaza
Contact: 67370780


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