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Apparel giveaway!

Ohaiiiiii (*^ワ^*)彡☆


I can finally blog because it’s weekend!Or stay up late at night to blog….. work is taking up every bit and pieces of me (。ŏ﹏ŏ) (Hahaha I shouldn’t say this cause boss reads my blog!Keke!)



How do you think of me in blonde?Been wanting to try it out for the longest time. And somehow I’m afraid the colour will be too loud on the streets, and I always want to be low profile.(笑)


But was thinking of something like this…. which is really cute!






And look what Kelly photoshopped me into. (笑)



But the colour looks pretty okay right?Well, I don’t think I can go shopping without makeup on already cos it’ll kinda look pale with blonde and a bare face. Hehehe.



The lenses I’m wearing is sponsored by GEOCOLOUREDLENSES.COM
This pair of lenses I’m wearing is Geo Super Angel XCM: )


So far I had no issues with these lenses that were sponsored. As my eyes are rather sensitive to almost all colored lenses, even those that were purchased from optical stores. I’m loving these lenses!


GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and its also ISO and CE certified. All the lenses from GEOCOLOUREDLENSES.COM are genuine. There are many circle lens brands in the market now and y’all should really purchase your lens carefully to avoid fake/unreliable brands. And wow! They are offering FREE international shipping!Pop over now to view a vast variety of lenses.ヾ(๑^∇^๑)ノ



And all you have to do is……….


1. GUESS THE PRICE FOR THIS DRESS (hint: www.spreeallday.blogspot.com)


It’s that simple I really love the dress (especially the polka dot collar) so I picked this for you girls!(´◡`)~♪




Thank you SPREEALLDAY for the kind sponsorship for my readers!ヾ(๑´=∀=)ノ


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I’ll pick the winner on 28th April 2012!Winner will be announced on my twitter


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