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What’s your beauty recipe?

Was invited by Jessie (MFP resident blogger) over for a nail treat on Sunday (=^ェ^=) ☆〜


I’m extremely glad for our blogger here, she’s setting up a beauty parlour herself! And if you read her blog, she often do nail tutorial for her readers! And now she’s pursuing her interest, at the same time serving people who love to have beautiful/healthy nails and everything girls require to look gorgeous!


Let them be your reason of beauty, Beauty Recipe


Jessie always believe customers deserve the best so they use high quality products for the best treats and relaxation that you deserve. Beautiful nails that don’t just last longer but stay healthy too.


From our conversation, I can say that Jessie is really dedicated to her customers. She doesn’t want to use ‘unknown’ brands, but she would rather spend a little more to get the best products and services to you girls. Jessie was telling me, “you spend money on a certain thing, of course you wanna get the best!” Always prioritize her customers, always putting herself in customer’s point of view. (〃^ω^〃)


Beauty Recipe provides services such as:
♡ Manicure/Pedicure
♡ Hand and Foot Spa
♡ Facial
♡ Eyebrow/Lip Embroidery
♡ Make Up
♡ Waxing


Speaking about waxing, Beauty Recipe uses Perron Rigot with waxing expert who’s French Certified. Perron Rigot waxing products are designed by a French manufacturer of depilatory waxes and used by beauty practitioners and professional salons all over the world. Trusted by being the best in the industry, you can be sure that your Perron Rigot will be of the highest quality and offer superior results!


And eyebrow embroidery at Beauty Recipe done by an ex-teacher and Facial done by beautician with many years experience.


You are in for a great treat!


So I got Pearly & Kelly to join me too~! ♪( ´θ`)ノ



Here’s my nails before extensions. It’s really brittle and chips easily. I just dislike bare nails, it’s like going out naked. Hahahaha.( ´Д`)y~~


So Jessie used suitable products and suitable way of extensions for my nails.


Love my pretty nails now! Told Jessie I love clean-looking nails, so she did the bridal nails (which is all in white with crystals) for me! Each flower was carved out by Jessie. So pretty right(。・ω・。)ノ♡



A photo with ladyboss, Jessie~♡


Visit for more info of treatments/services  or read for Owner’s blog : )



I’ll try the mole removal and waxing soon!


Beauty Recipe
Opening 3 May 2012
Blk 104 Jurong East Street 13
#01-102, Singapore 600104 (5 mins walk from Jurong East MRT)
CALL 9859 3982



For Blogger’s readers special:
Quote my name when you call for appointment at 9859 3982 to get 30% off any of the services.


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Getting blonde.

Getting bored of my dull brown hair.


Had always wanted to turn blonde and contemplating…….. And yes I went for it for the virgin try (I am so courageous) ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪


I must thank my beloved salon – Vintage Studio & team for maintaining my hair for such a long time. I always feel pampered each time I visit the salon, and my hair is always at its best condition since then. From scalp treatment(when I had my hair extensions on), cutting, coloring, hair treatment, and removing my hair extensions.. they did it all to keep my hair smooth and silky at all times. Not only that, I was constantly taught the proper way of maintaining my hair at home too!


Having said that bleaching will “hurt” our hair, split-ends and whatnot, I’m not really troubled by it. Because Vintage Studio will definitely use the best products to fix and color my hair to reduce the damage.


And I must say, I’m totally amazed by the fact that my hair still look perfectly fine and healthy(without split-ends) after bleaching and coloring. I’m not saying these because they are my hair sponsor, but it’s because my hair condition’s as good, only the difference in color! SUMPA* HAHAHA


Usually I’ll show my hairstylist a photo of the color that I wanted, and they will paint a smile on my face after each session, because the color is always what I wanted!! *hop hop*


My hair before dye.



After bleaching…….


Products that were used on my hair!



So this hair color was made specially for me!! *flicks hair* They said it’s a huge “surgery” for my hair that requires 3 stylists.  Hehehe.
Look for my stylist, Mars, for more info on this color!^^ And I bet you’ll love this color as much as I do. (*^ワ^*)彡☆


Inspirations for blonde:







And lastly, the Barbie doll. Oh that reminded me to get a blue lenses as well hehehe.


I would highly recommend Vintage Studio for any hair services. Efficient & quality service with quality products. ♪(´ε` ))


Here’s a hair therapy worth $500, now @ only $188!
** Click to purchase your keratin blowout hair therapy! **



Lastly, don’t forget to mention my name for 20% discount off all hair services. Yaaaaay




14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-44
Singapore, Singapore S(228213)
Tel: 67358123


26C Holland Village
Singapore 277685
Tel: 64658321


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Apparel giveaway!

Ohaiiiiii (*^ワ^*)彡☆


I can finally blog because it’s weekend!Or stay up late at night to blog….. work is taking up every bit and pieces of me (。ŏ﹏ŏ) (Hahaha I shouldn’t say this cause boss reads my blog!Keke!)



How do you think of me in blonde?Been wanting to try it out for the longest time. And somehow I’m afraid the colour will be too loud on the streets, and I always want to be low profile.(笑)


But was thinking of something like this…. which is really cute!






And look what Kelly photoshopped me into. (笑)



But the colour looks pretty okay right?Well, I don’t think I can go shopping without makeup on already cos it’ll kinda look pale with blonde and a bare face. Hehehe.



The lenses I’m wearing is sponsored by GEOCOLOUREDLENSES.COM
This pair of lenses I’m wearing is Geo Super Angel XCM: )


So far I had no issues with these lenses that were sponsored. As my eyes are rather sensitive to almost all colored lenses, even those that were purchased from optical stores. I’m loving these lenses!


GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and its also ISO and CE certified. All the lenses from GEOCOLOUREDLENSES.COM are genuine. There are many circle lens brands in the market now and y’all should really purchase your lens carefully to avoid fake/unreliable brands. And wow! They are offering FREE international shipping!Pop over now to view a vast variety of lenses.ヾ(๑^∇^๑)ノ



And all you have to do is……….




It’s that simple I really love the dress (especially the polka dot collar) so I picked this for you girls!(´◡`)~♪




Thank you SPREEALLDAY for the kind sponsorship for my readers!ヾ(๑´=∀=)ノ


(All answers/comments will be screened)


I’ll pick the winner on 28th April 2012!Winner will be announced on my twitter


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Online shopping?

I don’t usually shop online because I kinda dislike the waiting time for the parcel to arrive. Let alone spree from overseas. (Like there’s capping, waiting for buyers to pay, sending orders overseas, waiting for it to ship to Singapore, seller to pack the parcels, send it out…. and lastly, get the parcel in prolly ONE MONTH LATER.)


That’s actually one main reason why I don’t join online sprees.


Another issue is that what you see on the net might not be what you’ll be getting. I bet most of the girls who shop online would face the same issue. Ordering something you thought it would look good, but often disappointment upon receiving it because the material/detail is different. Don’t you think so?


And now, I actually have a good news for all of you my dear girls!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆





Yes as the blog name suggests, it’s a spree-based blogshop. But it is definitely of quality service + quality items. I haven’t been shopping so happily without having to fret that my purchases is gonna take a long time to arrive or it’s gonna be below expectation!


What I love about :


♥ Affordable and relatively cheap apparels & footwear
Good quality
Efficient & great customer service (I am totally amazed by how fast spreeallday actually sent me my parcel, I received it less than a week after I placed my orders
♪(´ε` ))


I’m a happy girl nao. Where do you find such cheap thrills!!*hophop*


I shall let you view my loots from yo.


1. #C1 Available in Red/Black. $20



2. #E7 Available in Black/Apricot. $39
Love this cos I can look like a rockstar and feminine at the same time!



3. #D10 Available in Black/White. $18



4. #E7 Available in Pink. $27
I love the pink pumps with gold heart shaped chain 可愛い〜 (>^ω^<)❤


What are you waiting for???(>∀<●)ノ Head over to now!!!


Tata, chuuuuuuuu~ ❤❤❤

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Iphone/Ipad apps



Iphone and Ipad apps are so awesome and handy now that I don’t have to use photoshop anymore!(//∇//)☆ ‏☆ ‏


I am so addicted to editing my pictures using the apps now hehehe.





1. Mei tu xiu xiu FREE (Good for color editing)


2. Decopic FREE (Decoration/decals)


3. ShibuyaCamera FREE (Decoration/decals)


4. 스마일포토 모바일 Smile Cat FREE (Decoration/decals)





When I’m using my bf’s phone(android) to edit pictures, I’ll use SBY CAMERA It totally look like purikura


Follow me on Twitter for latest happenings and findings!I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE!!!! (>^ω^<)❤

あそこで、会いましょう!♡ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Tata, chuuuuuuuu~ ❤❤❤


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Japanese Fashion!

こんにちは!Konnichiwa mina!


Attended a fashion event lately with few other bloggers and we were dressed into 3 different styles by a Japanese fashion stylist from our usual and boring…… Gyaru.
(But I’m still loving Gyaru style of course, heehee!) ♡☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Due to reading too much japanese magazines, I’m truely madly deeply inspired by their styles. So if you are thinking what’s the latest trend in Japan……. read on!




Get ready for Summer ☼☼☼


Bet you haven’t seen me more matured style, it’s so unusual from meeeeee hahaha. But I love the platform heels so kawaii  可愛い〜 ♡(*´◡`*)


Yes yes yes it’s her!!!!


Even girls would get jealous of me!Because that’s Cheesie!!  (( ≧ܫ≦)) *fangirling* *hop hop*

Miyake (>^ω^<)❤ She is like a living doll! *jealous*

Next outfit!!

Casual & pretty. I ♡ this denim studded shorts it’s now in my wardrobe yo♡


Kelly!She is adorable maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a happy pill. Kekeke

& my third outfit.


Heeheehee. I often go gaga when I happen to chance upon any stores selling Japanese apparel brands! 



Yaaaay it’s me on banner again!This is so much nicer hahaha(。’▽’。)♡



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