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It has been so long..


So I decided to snap away since the sun’s shining brightly!(I love the lightings)

I’ve got no idea why but I just lost the drive to take pictures of myself. Maybe I just hate my hair, it’s still way too short. Or I just hate to take pictures without my colored contact lenses on, or I’ll feel that my face is incomplete-.- I think contact lenses make wonders! Oh well, just some random musings.

Till then,


Hooray to driving liscense it’s the best freaking thing you can ever get.

@ 50km/hr

I look crappy w/o make up so see me, not!

Our toy for a day – Subaru. Hg the racer

@ Geylang’s dou jiang you tiao

Mee sua no pork!!! I hate
Come to think of it, I only take two meat – fish/chicken any other meat disgusts me. I wish I could try different stuffs too, but hell no my mind doesn’t allow me to!

I’ve got a sexy coarse voice now so macho;) Strepsil’s of no help.

Meet Miffy!

Here’s Miffy, baby and my new pet dog!

I’ve got no idea why people abandon such a cute little darling. And she looks at people with those teary eyes:(

Miff’s a smart and lovable baby!

Miffy likes baby!

And.. we decided to bring it back home!

Joh and Miffy!

How to adopt?
(Adopt only when you are going to take full responsibilities of the pet)
1: Visit SPCA
2: View all pets(rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, dogs) and choose desired pet
3: Get any volunteer to assist you
4: Fill up a form
5: Interview and advice from volunteer
6: Pay <$200 for pet’s vaccination, sterilisation, deworming and microchipping
7: Bring it home!

Here’s SPCA site,
Adopt them quickly before they’re put to sleep:(

My fat and grumpy baby, I just realised how fat he is after adopting Miffy. And his nose’s like a button!

P/s: I’ve got two babies, boyfriend baby and baby the dog heeheehee.

(Blogged with heavy eyelids-.-)

Skincare regime.

Here’s a few skincare products that I’ve been using currently. I love trying out different kinds of products and brands though.. and I don’t usually stick to one particular product. Hence, I often spend alot when I see any skincare that catches my eye. It’s a bad habit cause I’ll get stuffs that I don’t really need and chuck it aside, it’s even worse because your skin might not be able to get used to those products. SO I MUST KICK THIS HABIT.

I forgot to snap the picture of my make-up remover. Here’s a cheaper alternative kind of remover, the Johnson’s baby oil(the one with the pink cap). Why spend moolahs on costly removers like Shu Uemera/Chanel/Laneige when you can get something that’s equally good? It’s rather oily but it’s really mild to the skin, so it’s suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

A cleanser would be a plus point if it removes make-up as well. I chose Acai Damage-Minimizing Cleanser because it contains berry that is anti-oxidant and also helps to maintain your pH level. It is always better to get a cleanser that is of pH balanced.

Missed out on toning step.
I’m using Clean & Clear toner(the one in blue). I’d usually forget to tone because I don’t really think it’s important-.- Apparently I’m wrong. I’ll try to cultivate this habit!

ZA is a trustable product because it’s a sub-brand under Shiseido. I chose the True White Emulsion because it contains Vitamin C that helps diminish the dark spots and acne scars. Sadly, I still have scars:(

Do not prick and squeeze your blackheads! Enlarged pores are very difficult to reduce. So, the peel-off mask would be of a better alternative. Initially was using  the Kose White Mask, and then I found this particular product at Daiso!!! Both of them are really similar, I don’t find any difference as compared to Kose’s.

I’m extremely particular about pimples and mine often break out before my period. I DON’T LIKE. So, I’ve got a handful of different pimple cream/pimple serum. I got this from Sasa.

Price Unknown
Got this from my skin doctor. I suppose you could get it from the pharmacies as well? I’d apply this once every 4 weeks after my pimple outbreak. It is freaking effective because your skin will peel on the next day!!

Correct me if my steps are wrong. Heehee!

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Right now, now, now

1) I’m only physically here in class
2) Exceptionally lazy today
3) Bye fyp1, hello fyp2. Fuck you two like seriously
4) I want a new layout for blog
5) Contemplating to go Desaru this weekend, I’ve to renew my passport-.-
6) The ‘delete’ button on my laptop comes off
7) I totally hate chipped nails(on my right hand ring finger and left middle finger_l_), it spoils my mood, for real
8) I wanna get Blackberry Bold 9000
9) Oh people I’ve got myself demerit 16 and able to drive now and I wanna get a car of my own. Manual cars ftw!
10) I can’t see without my lenses on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11) Grey lenses are prettier than the brown ones
12) Thai clubs are the in-thing now
13) My hair is still that short:(
14) Garnier light brightening eye roll-on is naiseeeeee
15) I ❤❤❤ shopping at Daiso
16) School’s vacation soon
17) I took journalism as my elective module.
18) I hate financial accounting fuck, no
19) I failed to meet my dearest Chanel again! :(
20) I’ve got sinus
21) I love reaaal thick falsies
22) I love my twitter background

Mosaiced! Shooo di go peks!