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Outmost love.

Pictures from Stvc.

Mom never fail to make me feel loved. I was telling her how anxious am I now thinking about my coming tp, so she shared with me on her experience the last time and comforted me with “Don’t worry, you’re the most outstanding among your sisters.”(But I know I’m not, compared to their intelligence)

These words really gave me courage x 8273663521 knowing that when you’re not-that-good, but there’s someone who thinks so highly of you.

&This; person would always be your Mom.

Mommy always wait for me to turn in before she does, and yes she is waiting for me now watching the teevee.(2.40AM) She cooks my favourite dishes and baby’s knowing we’ll be home for dinner, cause I’m seldom home for dinner. She finds time to talk to me every now and then to know how I’m doing, cause most of the time I’m be busy and out. She stuffs moolahs into my wallet when I said I don’t need it.

That’s how benevolent she is, she leaves the best for her kids.

And this is why I’ll always give my Mom the best that I could.

❤ ❤ ❤

I’m back!

During photoshoot:

Mandy. We were featured in the same magazine issue:)

I’m still waiting for photographers to send me pictures, pretty please?

I wish for a magic wand and… ABRACADABRA BOOM. Two weeks after. Studying is such a torture:(((
Note to self
√ Modules selection
√ Complete fyp(like soon please)
√ Revise parking
√ Buy Laneige face mask
√ Buy cucumber for eye mask

Okay bye I’m damn hungry now after doing the powerpoint slides.

❤ Joyeux anniversaire

I’ll always get the same problem every month. That is, thinking of places to go for celebration. Don’t you? Zoo, Night safari, Jurong bird park etc we went all, even to Pulau Ubin.

So it’s our 18th and we decided to go picnic!
Happy 18th anniversary dumpling! Our 18th seems like a decade! I mean, we’re even closer than siblings. HAHAHAHA right, I’ve got no idea why but since young I really envied my friends who had boyfriends like their brothers-.- think I love that cause that makes me unpretentious. I don’t like a relationship when there’s so much secrets between, know, that virtual partition? I don’t get it when people say “I love you(with so much secrets, lies, unfaithfulness, untruthfulness)” Like, you wouldn’t want a boyfriend who appears to love you, when he don’t. There’s pretty much this sort of guys around me. I find it unfair for girls. (This is definitely non-prejudice)

Nuff’ said about my thoughts!

I’m glad to have an honest boy here.
(Yes I’m trying to flaunt! HEEHEE.)

Guess I should plan in advance for our 19th. Universal studio? Wild wild wet? Errr.. escape? Hmm! Www looks good to me now!

Picnic Check List
Finger food
Chilled drinks
Wet tissues
Bicycle(for easy access)

He’s like a little boy &I; definitely adore little boys cause I’mma paedophile heehee!


Ingredients for my -shaped pizza & -filled sushi!

Ready to get toasted..

Sushi ngoms.

Notice the change in my hair color? My beloved boy sponsored from my head.. to toe!

Happy dumpling:)


He’s very enthu on kite flying-.-

This week’s gonna be reaaal hectic. Fyp’s due on the 2nd Aug(SOS for some php pros, any?). Tp’s on the 29th Jul.

Au revoir,

The Daily.

Running out of stuffs to update on. So here’s a lil’ on my daily. (Days on the clock defers cause’ I forgot to capture down certain stuff and decided to continue two days after)
I just realise I left out pretty much activities inbetween.
My day starts as early as sevenish..

1. Brush, rinse, shower.

2. Make up!(Didn’t knew it took merely 18 minutes!)

3. Mom prepared these for my breakfast.
Fries, post’s, and ham+cheese burgs.

It’s a satisfying breakie.

4. In campus, where my long day starts.

5. Started to camwhore..

6. School ends. Now, you see how long is my study hours.

8. Outta school!

9. Home sweet home

10. Shower

11. Complete some school work before taking my nap..

12. Ngoms.
All the way till..

13. Revised for my test the following day.

14. Hit the sacks.
End as late as three.


Today was so screwed up, totally.
Period today and fuck! i’ve got ut aftermath. So I popped two menstral pills with horlicks(I thought warm drink helps-.-) But nooooo, the whole of the ut I’m struggling cause’ the cramp’s killing, and I submitted it with some questions undone Because the time’s running out! I puked and couldn’t walk, this happens to me all time. I swear I feel like killing myself at this point of time, every month, damn. I wanna be a guy in my next life.


I want my long hair backkkkkkkkk..:(

When I’m still able to do my center parting, was so nice I swear. So messy but sexy, at least I think I’m pretty back then.

I shouldn’t be so enthu the time, cause I never had short hair before! -.-
So, trying to be special, the stylist did a mess to my hair:(

Right, another 2 years for my hair to grow as long.

P/s: Bye y’all, just to let you know, do not cut your hair if you have long hair. LOL.