Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bye, weed hair.

As mentioned earlier..

&i;’ve got reaaaaal short hair now, like since a gazillion years ago. Boo or what, but least I’ve got healthy hair now.

(bad quality images from my phone)

I’m so hooked on my phone recently that I neglected my camera!

Right, turning in now. Plus my itchy hands made my eye sore, :(

I hate my hair.


Perhaps this is the last picture of me in long hair?
Haven’t had shoulder length hair since ages…………….. &i;’m getting real sick of maintaining such long hair! Okay I’m like really fickle and I even thought of all the consequences if I were to snip it off, like extensions and whatever are dddddope! Some people can just have long hair today and you’ll see them in short hair tomorrow! Why are people so easy with all kinds of hairstyle but why can’t iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

&the; next “AHHHHHHHH…WHAT IF…”

And. I dislike Iphone now ’cause my laptop couldn’t synchronize to my phone somehow and the camera resolution’s pretty bad huh! I blackberry bold soooooo much.

Well, I’m getting impetuous lately and argh! Some bimbo crossed my tolerant level. No, bimbo ain’t for her either. Kayyyy I’m not gonna go any further about that girl. Suck my ass.

I’m back!

Hola amigo! Plain sluggish to switch on the laptop let alone blogging. Life’s stagnant? Not really as long as it’s still school vacation. Been indulging with shopping and more shopping with boyfriend. He’s such a changed boy now. Heehee! So we were planning on a getaway trip to Bangkok or Taiwan but we’re all busy with work, driving and all. Practically got no time to slot in overseas trip and stuff :(

Okay now I shall rant about fyp stuff.
One particular girl, let us name her K.
We were all settled on the team members, of four, months ago. Recently, just a week or two ago we have to submit the team members name and proposals. So I went online trying to submit team and stuff when I came to realize K had submitted her own’s. So I left K an offline message with my phone number and telling her the situation the whole team’s facing and also the deadline’s the next day. &SHE; IGNORED, till now. So with the discussion of my team, we’re now left with 3 persons. But that isn’t the matter! The problem is that a team with 3 persons/team with 4 persons will get different proposals and that we’re left with the least choice. Hell responsible. I mean, even if K’d found better team or something, at least inform us. So K should QUIT acting holy who wears a tu_____, seriously. If that’s what your religion teaches you to be.


Ahh! I’m going to fry nian gau now! Ngom ngom.

Look at his hair, &I;’m his personal hairdresser! HAHA!

The couple smile. :)

Monday @ Grand hotel
A dinner for JJ as he’s going to China for months!

Bon Voyage JJ!

I boyfriend! I’ve lost count of our anniversary but fret not! We’ll have shopping as our celebration on each month. HAHAHAHA.