Etude House Shining Dream

I’ve always loved Etude House for its “Princessy feel” and pink products. They sure know how to capture the hearts of each and every girl!


Etude House recently launched another series – Shining Dream.
Received a few of their latest products to review on and here they are!



♥ Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF30 /PA++


I have not tried BB cream for some time already and this product totally awes me! My skin feels least greasy and a thin layer is sufficient for a great coverage and a silky finish. The best thing about this is it comes with a high SPF protection!




It has pretty good coverage and when you blend it to your skin, it gives a really dewy finish.


In this Very Best Set, it comes with a Missing Dream On Powder as well!



Can you see how fine is the powder? It mattifies your skin giving you a flawless finish!



♥ Shining Dream Perfumed Hand Bouquet Set





A limited edition set which consists of a perfumed rose body balm and perfumed rose hand cream for lovely rose scent-filled, romantic day!




I use this body balm after showering and it gives a really lovely rose scent, at the same time giving a velvety touch to the body leaving my skin really moist throughout the day!

The perfumed rose hand cream is handy for you to carry around in your bag and for you to caress your hands anytime, anywhere with this moist rose fragrance.



♥ Shining Dream Perfumed Kissful Set


The kissful set comes in 2 scents, Sweet Peach and Happy Passion Fruit.
My favourite would definitely be Sweet Peach as the scent is really lovely that you can smell it as and when! This product will make your lips doubly kissable with its sweet scent and nourishing care.


I really love these two dolls on the packaging! 귀여워~~~



♥ Shining Dream Twinkle Nails (Delight Holiday, Holy Twinkle)


Another product will be the nail polish in really delightful and twinkle colours that are really suitable for Christmas! Sadly I have yet to try on my own nails but it won’t be long for me to try out these lovely nail treats
Nonethless I really love sparkles and blings on my nails! The set of nail polishes comes in a set of three and a piece of Christmas nail sticker! It’ll be a really awesome and thoughtful set of nail polishes for girls who love to DIY their own nails! Follow the sample picture during application and you’ll be amazed with the results!




These are really pretty colors! Grab it before its gone!


Vintage Studio @ Westgate

Vintage Studio opens their fourth outlet, Vintage Studio Gold Hairdressing Spa @ Westgate last month. It is definitely a pleasure for me to be blogging for them ever since their first outlet @ Holland Village a few years back!


And now, you can even visit Vintage Studio if you’re in the city, I am sure in no time you will be able to locate them in every part of Sg!


It is very easy for you to spot them with their Rome theme salon. Doesn’t it give you a royal feeling? I really felt like a princess each time I get my hair done here, especially with the top notch service!







Sam’s assisting me with my treatment!


So this time round VS consultant suggests that I do a Keratin treatment because of my dry, frizzy and unruly hair. Heard of the raves on it but have never done Keratin before and I’m pretty curious with the end results!



It’s a really fast and miraculous treatment that probably takes you about a good 1.5 hr! It will be a good alternative for people who usually go for rebonding. Because this actually straightens your hair (by a bit) and it’s not damaging for our hair at all!



I’m PERFECTLY pleased with the results. It restores my hair texture, seals up the ugly and unsightly frizzy ends!



Whattttt I’ve never seen my hair so healthy for such a long long time lol.




It is better if you could use Absolute Keratin homecare because their products contain the important ingredient of “KeraLiss” for a better maintenance to help prolong the results from the treatment. Your usual Keratin treatment will last for a good 3-6 months with proper homecare!


Here’s their pricelist if you are thinking how their charges will be like:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



And don’t forget that you will be entitled for a 20% discount off the services if you quote “Wendyashley”!


3 Gateway Drive, #03-25,
Westgate, Singapore 608532

Tel: 6465 9278

Mon to Sun : 10.30am-9.30pm

Eyelash Extension At Beauty Recipe

I’ve not done eyelash extensions in ages and I thought I would need them soon cos I’m so tired of taking 5 minutes to draw eyeliner and to stick on those falsies/apply mascara.


And what’s new in trend now isn’t those dramatic cluster/thick kind. I’ll show you what’s the real deal in awhile!


I’m honored to be reviewing this for my fellow mummy-to-be blogger from MyFatPocket, Jessie, the ladyboss of Beauty Recipe!



Beauty Recipe specialises not only in nails, but also facial services and waxing services. Jessie, as a beauty blogger sure knows which is the latest beauty trend and what’s good for all of you girlies!


Now here’s a picture of my sparse lashes before the eyelash extensions.

(Luckily my lashes grew back as they were once “botak” because of massive “old school” and dramatic eyelash extension every month for a year. You’ll get to know the reason later.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



Okay and here’s what I meant by the real deal strand by strand eyelash extensions, unlike those clusters ones that would make your eyelash go bald. This method of application is by attaching them to your skin and not sticking them to your own lashes hence it will NOT cause stress to your own lashes that will break easily.



Cool? This is so so so much better, lighter and more natural looking. It feels almost nothing’s on my eyes!

Well, and even if these lashes fall out, it will not create big gap in your lashes, thus not having to touch up so soon.


Below’s the before and after picture, that’s really natural, isn’t it?



The whole process usually takes about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to complete, and the staff, Yu, was really really patient in making sure you get the prettiest eyelash extension at Beauty Recipe!


Photo with Yu. Remember to look for her when you call for an appt!


The promotional price for this awesomest eyelash extension is only @ $68!!!!!!!!
(if you are aware, many of the places are charging @ $138-$180 per session)

And that is more than 50% cheaper at Beauty Recipe!!


Blk 104 Jurong East St 13
Singapore 600104
Contact: 6567-3568

Add Beauty Recipe on Facebook – BUSINESS PAGE TO LIKE US
Visit Beauty Recipe Nail Art Gallery - NAIL ART CREATION PLACE
Website -

Datsumo Labo Tanjong Pagar

Been months since Datsumo Labo started business at their 2nd branch at Tanjong Pagar! I bet many of you’ve been there earlier than I am!




The new branch is located conveniently at Orchid Hotel, just a stone throw away from the Tanjong Pagar MRT. Both of their branches allows the working class to pop by to have their treatment during the lunch hours. It’s a mere 45mins treatment at most per session.


I’ve been with Datsumo for almost a year and I’m loving the results so far! Not only a drastic reduction of hair, my skin feels smooth and it has whitened too! No kidding, because the S.S.C (for Smooth Skin Control) is really awesome! Hair is removed through the synergy of gel and light. By weakening the regrowth of hair, S.S.C causes unwanted hair to gradually become thinner and less noticeable. NO PAIN AT ALL.


And if you are ever wondering about why is Datsumo Labo pricing lower than many other Hair Removal centre despite the use of the world’s premier hair removal machine – M.S.Krypton, MiniSilk FT and high-grade Beans Gel?
It is mainly because they are meticulously cutting costs wherever possible.
There are more than 200 items determining costs, from advertising fees to stationery!


Cold towel will be left on be approx 5-10 mins after treatment. This cold towel is really icing cold!


The board of bloggers. Quote any of our names to be entitled to 10% discount!


Here’s a promotion for the month of November! Don’t miss this out!





Address: 1 TRAS LINK #02-02 SINGAPORE 078867
Contact: 6538-3053

ONL Product Review

Attended the Somang event the other day and we were all given a goody bag which includes…..




Midnight Mild Peel Sleeping Essence and Midnight Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream


And a ticket which entitles us to get any products from the store…. so I thought I needed another liquid foundation as I finished my little tub of Oceaniq CC Cream from Somang as well. Hence I’ve gotten the one in red packaging (left) – Danahan HyoyongYun Diamond BB Cream SPF 30/PA++


And this event is for the launch of Midnight Range!






Which comes in a little glass spatula that can be used as a massage tool at the other end!



The Midnight Sleeping Cream is made of fresh herbs and seawater that consists of:
- Lavender
- Lemon Balm
- Rosemary
- Chamomile


And the 4-in-1 aromatic sleeping therapy that provides:
- Anti-Aging
- Whitening
- Moisturizing
- Calming and Soothing


I did a skin renewal peeling treatment the other day before heading to Taiwan. And needless to say my face was extremely dry and full of flakes. Given the weather in Taiwan currently, my skin was in a super dry condition + the flaking was really bad. And this Midnight Cream was my only buddy then. I relied on this to keep my skin really hydrated at the same time to calm my skin.


I was really amazed by the results from this Midnight Cream. I applied it at night and the next morning, my skin seemed so much more revitalised and it was really helpful in decreasing the flakes on my skin. Given the apparent results that I wanted, I used it day and night (not sure if that’s suitable for day use but……… I didn’t want my skin to look bad with the flakes plus at the same time it’s hydrating as well.) And I would say that this really did a great job on my skin so far.
I’m not a person who loves creamy texture moisturizers and stuff, but this velvety and water-based sleeping cream totally suits me perfectly. It ain’t oily a bit, and the smell of the sleeping cream calms your mind instantly for a real Good Night sleep.



2. Midnight Regenerating Mild Peel Sleeping Essence


This product removes and clears up dead skin cells during sleep. It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and has whitening effect.



I’ve just started on this product a couple of days ago since my skin has been renewed and I want to maintain at its best. Using this Mild Peel Sleeping Essence would complement with my current state of skin. This product will be as good as doing skin renewal peeling (like I did), but in a mild and non-invasive way.
Apply a thin layer of Midnight Mild Peel Sleeping Essence on your skin after toner, before you head to bed.
And when you wake up the next morning, pat your face with water and rub it gently. I noticed tiny balls of dead skin. (or perhaps on my current skin state only? lol) I think it’s really useful for our skin as we need to get our skin on a constant renewal for brighter and even skin tone.


I’m loving ONL Midnight range for they are like customized to my skin lol, just what I NEED and what I LOVE. It is highly recommended for people who doesn’t like oily and creamy texture skincare. (I will totally avoid applying creamy skincare on my skin.)


3.  Danahan HyoyongYun Diamond BB Cream SPF 30/PA++


Here’s my other favourite. And I’m curious… are Koreans born with beautiful skin or is it just their BB/CC Creams just too awesome? I can’t get enough of Somang BB/CC Creams!

I’ve tried Somang ONL Oceaniq CC Cream, I loved it.
Now, I’ve tried this BB Cream and I love it too!



This package comes in a 40ml sized and a travel sized 10ml bottle. And again, this travel sized BB Cream will be every girl’s travelling buddy, it’s so handy and pocket friendly!


This particular BB Cream is made from Korean traditional herb medicines that increases the beauty of the skin itself, making the skin vivid and allows the skin to become smoother and brighter. It also contains 0.1 karat of diamond component that enhances natural skin powers and allows moisturized, polished and luxurious skin. This product also miraculously reduce the appearance of fine lines.


On a scale of 1 – 5 (Bad – Awesome)
Coverage: 5
(I CAN ALMOST DITCH MY CONCEALER PLS LOL. I’m not using any bit of concealer with this BB Cream)
Texture: 4
It’s pretty thick and slightly too heavy. But I think this is what it takes to be that awesome, yes? I’m using the amount of a 5 cents coin for my whole face.
Lasting: 5
You don’t have to touch up AT ALL. This BB Cream stays on your skin beautifully as long as you don’t remove your makeup.


Get yours today @ the following outlets:
Causeway Point
One Raffles Place
Jurong Point

Somang Event

Attended MFP event held by Somang last Saturday with the MFP girls.


Was introduced to their new Midnight range and a little of other products as well.




A little info on this new range:

Our skin cells are the most active between 10pm – 2am, it regenerate more quickly compared to during the day so it is critical to sleep during these hours. And ONL by Somang’s midnight range provides natural healing therapy for tired and dishevelled skin caused by daily stress and stress.


The aroma therapy of this range gives added comfort that helps you relax your skin. It is made of natural herbs containing lavender leaves, lemon balm leaves, rosemary leaves and chamomile leaves.



Followed by a “live” demo on the usage of few of their signature products.


So we did an interesting activity that is to decorate our own eye masks. And look, here’s what I’ve done. So uninteresting I know lol.



Our little creations made up of ribbons, eyes, glitters and feathers.





Here’s what we got home. (In the midst of trying these products and I’ll review on it really soon!)
1. Midnight Mild Peel Sleeping Essence
2. Midnight Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream


And yay to a full range Somang ONL products!



We were generously given a voucher that entitle us to pick any products from the store!


And my pick was – Danahan HyoyongYun Diamond B.B Cream SPF 30/PA++
It comes in a set containing a travel size piece of BB Cream, and a 40ml BB cream.



Most of us got the same product for its’ awesome ingredients in it.





She’s such a beautiful mommy-to-be! Congrats Jessie!


Remember to check back for the reviews of these products!

J Diary – Your new Japanese network channel

Do you love all things Japanese like I do? ^ω^●)ノ゙☆ Or…. are you a Japanese living in Singapore?


If you wish to know more about Japanese culture……….. here’s J DIARY for you!



J Diary is a new network channel that introduces Japanese culture in English! From beauty, to food, to art & craft that is brought to you by Helloあsia & Tokyo Mode Addict~ J Diary’s been around since May and their channel has been so highly raved! And yes, I watch each and every of their episode!




J Diary Japanese Craft episode:


J Diary Ramen episode:


There’s also a few other interesting episodes like the nail trends:


I’m a digger for kawaii nails. This episode really appeals to me….. a lot ゚・*:.。.☆゚´∀`●人●´∀`゚☆.。.:*・゜


and also watch and learn the Japanese craft:


K I’m too lazy to DIY but this seems so easy!


Now, you don’t only wanna watch their YouTube channel, but also subscribe to their Facebook Page (It’s helluva happening over there! Checkitoutyo~)