A Different Kind of Family Holiday ~ Perek Adventure Trip – Part 3

This Perak trip was full of little surprises.  I thought we were going to have lunch at a nearby local food stall but our lunch was waiting for us under the trees right beside the river. How cool was that! It was like having a picnic along the river. We took our food and sat on the rocks by the river. It was dining with a view at the most economical price! LOL. Delicious meal, beautiful scenery and a memorable dining experience.


 Teacher X and Tze Kiat were helping out at the buffet table.



What a cool place to have lunch!


Trying to balance our plates while eating LOL


  Beware of leeches! A leech had Jordan for lunch!


 You Yun and Teacher X showing off their delicious food.

Alright! It was time to apply sunblock and to get ready for some splashing good time under the sun! The guides gave us a detailed briefing about safety and important things to note during the rafting session.


Courtney split us into 3 different rafts and we were all set to go.

This was my 2nd time doing white water rafting and it was definitely better than the one which I had in Bali few years ago. Summer and Ocean were all excited for this thrilling ride down the river.

Let’s go with the flow! The river water was gushing fast and there were many countless rapids along the way. It was really crazy when our raft rushed down the big rapids. The adrenaline that was going through us was beyond words!


Ocean need not do any work. He just sit and enjoy the ride!


DSC00103 (3)

Playing with water down the river was pure fun as the 3 rafts started splashing water at each other with the oars whenever our rafts met.

The guides intentionally attempted to capsize all the rafts when we reached the “safer” parts of the river. Those in the other 2 rafts fell into the river except ours. Luckily, our raft did not capsize. Instead, our guide fell into the river while trying to do so! LOL!


Flow away……


Half way down the river, our raft did have a “real” capsize at a rapid! Everyone in the raft fell into the river and my back hit against the rock! The very next moment, I realized that both my Summer and Ocean had drifted away from the raft after the capsize!  I managed to grab the rope from the guide who successfully pulled me back to the raft. Nick hurriedly swam towards the kids and got them back on board. It was unexpected and we were a little shocked but everyone was fine in the end. Thereafter, we rafted all the way back to the camp!





Rafting wasn’t as easy as it had looked but it was an incredibly cool activity which was suitable for all ages! It was definitely an exciting and unforgettable experience for my 7 year old boy.  White water rafting was all about team work and definitely a very good arms exercise.



We continued to enjoy some simple games in the river – throwing pebbles and rocks, swimming and lazing in the river etc. The place was full of joy and laughter. This was the kind of simple happiness which we could hardly find in our city life.


Ocean and Isaac throwing pebbles.





 See the happiness in Summer’s smile!


Ladies of UTG! 
(Fom the left:  Amy, Courtney, Sherilynn, Amelia and Emily )



Enjoying himself  in the chilly water!


I simply love the scenery here!

Our tea break was calling out for us! Summer and I were the first two to get back on land! We helped ourselves to a cup of hot milo and chocolate donuts. After that, we headed to the showers before the rest came back for tea break and soccer game!


Everyone went to wash up except this pair. They could not leave the soccer ball alone…LOL

This time, the two of us went to the common toilet for our shower. It was a very basic toilet with open showers. No worries ladies, the place was very clean!

We rested a bit and then joined back the rest of the group for games & dinner!





Since it was the last night here, everyone stayed up until really late. Summer, Ocean, Nick and I were the earliest to be back in the dorm. We packed our bags and turned in at about 12.30am. Sweet Dreams!


Day 3 (29 Dec 17)

Alright, That’s all, folks!


Our dormitories are in the orange buillding right behind us! 

We hadn’t had enough fun yet but sadly, we had to depart for Singapore.  We gathered for breakfast and took a few group photos before we were ferried to the small bus terminal where we waited for our coach back to Singapore!

It was a short, but yet an excellent bonding trip for our family and also for the UTG group. Full of fun and laughter.  Once again, thank you to our young organisers, Courtney, Emily and RJ for the effort in organising such a wonderful trip. We totally enjoyed ourselves!

Thanks to our friendly host of Murni Camp, Mr Izni and his son whom made sure that our stay was a bliss.

If you are interested to go on an adventure trip in the upcoming holiday with your family and friends, here’s Mr Izni’s contact detail. I am sure you will have an awesome time just like us!

Email: izni@myadventurehost.com

Contact number: +60 19 384 9691


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