A Different Kind of Family Holiday ~ Perak Adventure Trip! – Part 1

Happy 2018! I hope everyone had managed to have a short getaway with your loved ones during the year-end holidays!

We definitely had ours! But this time, we had no hotel, no air-con, no shopping, no food fest, and not even wifi! We had gone on an adventure trip with a youthful and crazy bunch from the Urban Terrain Groovers (UTG) to Murni Camp which is located in Gopeng, Perak (Malaysia). By the way, UTG is my kids’ dance troupe.

Initially, Summer and I were very reluctant to join the trip when we heard that participants have to stay in tents with no shower and toilet facilities for a night!! Well, in the end, my eloquent hubby was able to “convince” us to participate in this escapade. Fortunately, just before the trip, our young organiser from UTG informed us that the “Stay in Tent” program was cancelled due to the heavy rain in monsoon season. Heng ah!!

Alright! Let’s begin our adventure!


Waiting for the coach at Golden Mile Tower.

We tried to pack light but our bags still ended up huge! We brought lots of extra things since it’s a family adventure trip with kids.

We started our journey with an overnight bus ride to Perak. The bus arrived around at around 12.40am and we reached the customs with no traffic jam nor human jam. Perfect timing to start our adventure to the North!

As our activities would start immediately upon our arrival at Murni Camp, everyone tried our best to catch some sleep during the 8 hours bus journey. As we only brought along thin wind breakers from Uniqlo, we suffered from the freezing air-con throughout the night drive up the North-South Highway. As you can guess, we definitely couldn’t sleep well! Nick was quick to open his umbrella to block off the blasting wind from the closed air-con vent.


Looks funny but it works!

Day 1 (27 Dec 17)

20171227_092051 (2)

At about 9 am, after the long and arduous bus ride, we finally made it and arrived in Perak safely!! Everyone was eager to check out our home for the next 3 days – the Murni Camp @Gopeng.


Leonard and Jordan were exploring their new playground!

20171227_093417 - Copy

Wefie Time! Summer and Daddy Nick (Our family’s official “Camel”, Hahaha)

20171227_093427 - Copy

Daddy and Summer checking out the surrounding.

As I was too eager to take a peep at our dormitory, I ran upstairs and took a photo of the surrounding! The sheltered place with yellow chairs (on the left) was our dining hall and would be our main gathering place for the next 3 days too!

After we checked in to the dormitory, we chose our bed and did a quick wash-up to freshen ourselves up. Thereafter, we gathered downstairs to play some interesting Ice-breaker games, planned by our trip organisers, Courtney, Emily and RJ from UTG.

 I called this game – “The Chicken Game” coz we had to make all sorts of chicken sounds. LOL!

  My hubby and I did not manage to take photos of all the games as we were playing and enjoying ourselves too!

Lunch was simple but tasty! Everyone got to learn not to be picky! LOL or else they will end up like Summer and Ocean whom only had white rice and fruits for their meal. It is definitely a good training for them.

20171227_121726 - Copy
Lunch Time!

20171227_124800 - Copy

Checking out the river right beside the campsite.

20171227_124845 - Copy


Like Father Like Son.

Getting ready for our 1st adventure of the trip!

As part of preparation for the next activity, Daddy Nick had to teach us how to set up the mosquito coil and holder since we had never used this before. This was a MUST to bring along coz it was very effective against the hated mossies!

20171227_102522 - Copy

We hate mossies!!!

20171227_100800 - Copy

Summer’s hair neatly tied up and all set for jungle trekking!


Fun photo with Casio Exilim Ex-FR100L before setting off.

At 2 pm, our trekking guides arrived at Murni Camp to bring us to the base of Bukit Batu Putih. The lucky few amongst the group had an exciting “roller coaster ride” on the back of the vehicle (commonly known as Pick-up truck). Many of us did not have a chance to enjoy such a ride back in Singapore!

20171227_142456 - Copy

  Jordan, Brandon, Summer and I will have our chance later!
20171227_144045 (2)
Nick, our cameraman.

Upon reaching the destination, our trekking guides gave us a short briefing about the trek and safety tips. We were on our way once the briefing ended. Surprisingly, Ocean and Summer were able to maintain the fast pace of the group. And to no surprises, I was the slowest of the pack. LOL! Luckily, my dearest was always by my side to pace me on.


We are almost there!

We took about an hour to reach the top of the hill. The view at the top was simply spectacular! Everyone was busy taking their Instagram worthy photos.



Awesome view up here!


RJ getting very comfort with the surrounding.

CIMG0186 (2)

My favorite family photo for this trip LOL


Brave kids sitting on that hanging rock!


 It feels good up here!


Keep Calm and Enjoy the View…

After a well-deserved break, we made our way downhill. The descent was so much faster! But we had to careful too as it was pretty slippery at the steep slopes.



 Mr X, the UTG’s dance instructor!


Courtney with Ocean and Isaac.

The jungle trekking adventure was definitely fun but tiring! All of us enjoyed ourselves and we headed back to camp with no mosquito bites.  On the trip back, Summer and I were managed to squeeze ourselves up the back of the Pick-up. We noticed that there were so many durian trees in this part of Perak! Yummy! The boys behind the Pick-up even tried to pluck a durian off from the tree but did not succeed. LOL.


We reached back Camp at 5 pm and it was Tea-time! I was tired and my body was in pain due to my old injury. I had my share of hot tea and donut, and headed to the shower while the rest continued with the games.

CIMG0147 - Copy

They were trying to burst the balloons tied on each other’s ankles.


 Enjoying a game of Captain’s Ball…

Our organisers took so much effort to plan for so many different games in between meal time in order to keep us busy and entertained. No one had the time to even look at their phones.

After dinner and more games, Summer and I were the first to go back to the ladies’ dorm to rest while the rest the UTGs were having their “heart to heart” session. It was finally time for our slumber land and lights out!

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