A Different Kind of Family Holiday ~ Perak Adventure Trip! – Part 2

Day 2 (28 Dec 17) – We are Cave Men!

Rise and shine at 630 am! I was always the first to wake up so that I could take my time to wash up, put on a little make-up to look fresh and get ready for the day!


We started with some simple games and then, got together for breakfast at our usual makan place! We had good breakfast and hot drinks to warm our tummies and brighten up our day!

Day 2 was our Wild & Wet day!


The caving guides arrived on time! This time, we had a big lorry to ferry us to the Cave! Everyone could get on the back of the lorry and enjoy the adventure ride together. It was like playing games behind the lorry as we had to dodge branches and leaves while holding on to the lorry. It was simple entertainment but great fun for everybody as we joked and laughed along the way!


 Hold on tight!

We arrived at Gua Tempurung early and the Cave was still closed. The group started to play games to keep themselves entertained while Nick went to the small shops to do his favourite past time – Shopping. He found a “treasure” for Summer – the local’s Aqua Shoes.  As Summer did not bring along covered shoes for Caving, this treasure saved her only pair Nike sneakers from “destruction”.

Some members of the group who were ready to “sacrifice” their Adidas and Nike shoes for the Caving, decided to buy a pair too!




Alright Gua Tempurung! Here we come!

The Cave opened at 9.15 am and we were among the first to enter. Wow! The Cave was Majestic! We had to climb up and down the steep stairs at the start of the trail. There were dim lights along the way but they were definitely not bright enough to capture photos of the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites structures. Some of these structures were just so huge! I am a Geography lover and will always be super-delighted to see such beautiful creations from mother nature! Some even had crystals on them. You have to come and see for yourself!



Check out the videos to see the interior of the cave. Not very clear due to the dim lighting.

After we reached the top of the Cave, we had to walk all the way down to the bottom of the Cave for the real caving experience!


  It was Sherilynn’s turn to slide down.

The first thing which we had to do at this nature’s playground, was to take a steep slide down the rocks! From here on, there were no more lights. All we had were the head lamps on our forehead or the torch lights on our hands.

At this point, I felt like we were all sucked into the Lara Croft game! It was just like what happened in the new movie “Jumanji”! We had to walk in the cold chilling water for the rest of the journey. We even had to leopard crawl in the refreshing cold water to get through the extremely low ceiling. All of a sudden, my hubby felt something cracked! Oh no! Our camera lens had cracked when it was squashed against a big rock under the water. Luckily, we had many members in the group with their hand phone cameras and they managed to capture some nice photos. The adventure continued despite the “damage”.

At times, we had to walk through water which was as deep as our waist level and we had no ideas what could be in there….This was indeed a very new and memorable experience for many of us in the group!

We bashed through the icy water, slippery pebbles and irritating sand until we came to a marble-smooth river bed. All of us sat down in the cooling water to enjoy the melody of the flowing water. Summer, Ocean and Issac were happily playing in the water.


Wow Ka Lok, you are so bright!


After a long and enjoyable “crawl”, we finally made it out of the cave, all soaked!

We went back up the lorry and headed to the next destination and the highlight of the trip – white water rafting!

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