Get your hands on the New Casio Exilim EX-TR80 – The Ultimate Selfie Camera for everyone! Available from 22 Feb 2017

Get your hands on the New Casio Exilim EX-TR80

~The Ultimate Selfie Camera for everyone!~

I was really excited to be able to be part of the Media Release for the New Casio Exilim EX-TR80. This was my first time attending a Media Launch event.  Here, I had the chance to hands on and try out the amazing camera.

Selfie is still a “in” thing and definitely here to stay. Everyone want to look good in photos especially those that you wanted to post on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Casio EX-TR80 comes in 3 colours and I personally prefer the pearlie White colour.

The camera is a bolder and sleeker version of the previous model, TR70. This model also comes with new features which are going to excite you. Here are few features that “Wowed” me!

The camera offers highly customised Make-up Mode setting, in addition to the entire collection of Skin Tone pre-sets from previous TR cameras, to deliver consistently beautiful complexions. Equipped with automatic detection and adjustment functions, the EX-TR80 enhances the skin tone, producing beautiful result REGARDLESS of shooting and lighting conditions! 😀

It also automatically detects and adjusts my skin quality regardless of the amount of make-up I wear. Amazingly, it produces glowing selfies while retaining beauty naturally.. hahaha!

No editing needed.

What’s even more exciting?! The all new “Dark Circles Remover” and “Face Sculpting” features are just unbelievable!

This means that we can take selfies even without any make-up on and we will still look fresh and beautiful with more sculpted faces, without any distortion to our faces like the common touch-up apps in the market.

Something that really captured my attention during the presentation was its “Double Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights”! The selfies we took this camera reflect our skin’s natural luminance even in dim lighting while maintaining the ambience during shooting. So what does this mean?

Usually when I take a selfie with my camera or mobile phone with the flashlight, the lighting in the photo will look very harsh and the ambience lighting will be “destroyed”. My face will literally look like it is jumping out from the photo! With this new selfie camera, I don’t have to worry about lightings anymore.

I was very interested with this feature and eager to try the camera in the “Dark Room’’ set up. Why so? There were many times when I tried to take photos with my hubby in nice romantic restaurants or wefie with my friends during evening gatherings or in clubs, but the photos just don’t turn out nice, and more often than not, blurred and pixelated. Just like the one below.

(Above) Selfie taken with Batman in a restaurant using my mobile phone.  

The ambience light was nice but the photo turned out like this.

(Above) Selfie taken with my mobile phone in the “Dark Room” set-up.

We got more adventurous and wanted to test the extreme! So, we wrapped ourselves in black curtain for a selfie and wefie ! I am just bewildered with the result!!

(Above) Taken with Casio EX-TR80, wrapped in black curtain within the “Dark Room”

The photos are not just bright, they are clear, yet not harsh 😉 PLUS, My dark eye rings are really gone and my face looks more toned, without any distortion.

I am my family’s photographer and usually I don’t have a lot of full body portraits. OOTD is not in my dictionary. But with this camera, I am able to do so. It is such a free style concept camera.

The camera allows me to take good selfie any place any time any position. Even taking OOTD by myself when no one is available to help! This is a good feature to have for people who travel alone or for family welfies! I shall name this feature my “ DIY OOTD” mode.

I can hold the camera’s moveable frame in one hand to take selfie in any style I like;


Combine the stand with the selfie timer or motion shutter settings to take a full body photos hands free, in different poses that I like! With the flexibility of the adjustable frame, I can now put it on the floor, table or even hanging it on any hooks or handles to take a perfect portrait for myself and my family. Oh! and yes, a good passport photo can be taken without having to wait for someone to help.

We are not supposed to smile for passport photos. Well, I do wish that there is a “Friendly Mode” since  I look naturally fierce when I don’t smile.

Last but not least, the camera can create stunning video clips simply by holding the “Instant Movie” button to record and link multiple video clips, turning the clips into an exciting mini-movie for sharing on social media. This is the first time Make-up effects can be added to enhance the movie. So it will make me look as good in the movie as in the photo!

The Casio Exilim EX-TR80 is available Today, 22 Feb 2017, at Casio Concept Store in Tampines and licensed retailers. Retail Price S$1299.

For those couples who had run out of ideas for presents after married for so long (I am one of you),  this can be one good idea too!

Put it in your wish list or shopping list!

Check it out!

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