Internet killed the Magazine star

Well-known fashion designers seemed to have began their interest in fashion chancing up a magazine and looking at all the stylistic spreads in there.
I hear about designers saying they started collecting fashion magazines, getting inspired and DIY-ing their own clothes as a start. 

Not that I have anything against magazines, but the transition from paper to online fashion inspirations has left me wondering if anyone still buys magazine for the sole purpose of “getting inspired”?

Technology has definitely changed the way fashion reaches out to people. We don’t have to meticulously wait in newspaper stands for a month for the next issue of our favorite magazine brand. Some people online update their blog or instagram everyday, inspiring people worldwide and the best thing? It’s free. 

I love the surprising tandem of Fashion and Technology.
I was never really into “fashion” per se, yet after the likes of online fashionistas made me want to dress up better!

The odd marriage of Fashion and Technology has brought about a lot of good stuff for undying fashionistas out there.

Here are a few, in my opinion;


Literally a haven for budding stylist or just a random person who dresses well. 
No clue on what to wear on your day out with friends? I usually browse through this website to get inspiration on what to wear for the day and I am never disappointed!
Affordable outfits and the “models” are a normal human like you and I. Not runway tall or modelesque thin, you can easily relate yourself well with these fashionable leaders!
2. Youtube Walkways

Jenn Im is one of those people that you either wish you’re her or you’re friends with. Insanely talented in putting unique outfits together and instead of just pictures, it’s all in video format. I only found out about Jenn this year (I stumbled upon her how to lose 10 pounds video, odldy enough!) and I am seriously in love with this girl. There is absolutely NOTHING to hate about her. She’s young, feisty and hey, she’s korean!
3. Instagram Idols
My other fashion online icon idol is none other than Lua P. I found her originally in Lookbook and then she created instagram and updates it DAILY. Even multiple times a day. That’s dedication! I honestly think I don’t have enough clothes for that but oh well, some people have it all!
Screen shot 2014-05-12 at AM 11.03.04.png
4. Online Thrifting!
Unfortunately, thrift stores seems to be really limited in Singapore. Sure we have places like Salvation Army…but that’s about it really. Some may argue that Bugis St is cheap enough but it’s still different rummaging through mountains of used clothes racks and finding a jewel amongst the other rocks of old clothes! Fortunately, we have Carousell for that! I LOVE THIS APP! It’s a local Singapore app where people sell their preloved clothes/accessories, haggle a little, do meet ups or mail and voila, you’ve got a new used items for yourself! I do MOST of my shopping here. It’s truly addictive and SUPER convenient!
5. Bloggers!
I get really inspired with blogger fashionistas whenever they talk in depth with the outfit that they wear. I don’t like people simply telling others that “Oh I got this from here, that from there, etc”. I love it when they incorporate a little story of why they decided to wear a certain pair of pants, or that necklace to go along with that dress, it seems more genuine and my interest perks way high! Cheyser is one of my favorite fashion bloggers! 
Screen shot 2014-05-12 at AM 11.14.05.png

Of course, it’s pretty evident that Technology isn’t stopping or even slowing down any soon!
I’m all ears and eyes for any other development when it comes to fashion, make up and other things with the help of good ol’ technology.

Thanks for reading!
Love, Trish <3