Korea in 10 Selfies


If you haven’t seen my Korea adventures, watch this video (: Yes the Korean fever will last forever in me. Here’s Korea through 10 selcas! Inside the plane! My first time in Korean Air (: Touchdown! 6.5 hours of flight! I didn’t get to sleep at all so I just took care of my skin. …
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“You’re a what? Blogger?”

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at PM 12.05.44.png

How dramatic can I get? Very first blog entry, ever! This assignment seems timely. It’ll be a year ever since I joined MyFatPocket (part time blogger) and an awesome 4 months as a Resident Blogger. A lot of people have been pretty curious about what I do for a living. Yeah I tell people I’m looking…
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Trish In Korea


Okay so everyone in here knows how much love I have for Korea and anything that has got to do with Korea. Kpop, Make up, Drama, Boys (ha ha ha jk) and just, cherry blossoms okay? Imagine getting a text from B saying that my favorite make up brand, Etude House, is bringing me to…
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“My life as a male escort”


“I’m now convinced that the reason why the male escort industry is growing is because women believe that hiring a man is an act of empowerment. “ – Mark Powell Before there were Female geishas, there were taikomochi (太鼓持) or hōkan (幇間), or easily called as the Male geisha.  I suppose not a lot of people…
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If anyone’s been trying to contact me, my old email patricia_cahigas@hotmail.com is either hacked by a lowlife person or maliciously affected by a virus!

KINDLY SEND EMAIL TO 3shfish@gmail.com INSTEAD (: