Halley Medical Aesthetics: Unveiling a year long secret.

To all my readers, you’re in for a treat.
Well, at least for me.
mfphw_halley_trish_fatfreeze-19_zpsikkpmoa5There’s something I have not publicly blogged or even talked about in my social platforms.
The reason is that I wanted to test if anyone would actually notice if I did anything “medically aesthetic” to my face especially knowing I’m pretty much against “plastic surgery”.
No, I didn’t under go the knife.
I mean if there were any drastic change in my face, I was pretty sure people would notice them pretty quickly.

However, after a year plus of keeping it a secret, I would say only about 2 people noticed the super subtle difference?
I can proudly say that the year long social experiment is a success because, oddly enough, whatever I did to my face went pretty much unnoticed to majority of the people around me except those who I have told.

I know it sounds pretty stupid rejoicing the fact that I’m happy that people did not notice what I did to my face, when it should be the other way.

I went for under eye fillers to get rid of my sunken eyes, botox on my jax to slim my face down and fillers on my chin to make my face more v-shape. 
PS. If you want to know the clinic I got it done, drop me an email!
photo (25)Chin before and after.

The reason why I’m uneveiling this now is because all the fillers have pretty much disappeared, as what is expected of it, and my face has pretty much returned to its round self.
photo 1 (38)
Also, I realized that even though I had no more eyebags, dark circles and my face shape was really kpop like, what I really really really wanted was nice skin and be completely confident about my “no make up” face.
So I decided to consult Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics for help.

I have read so many beauty journey from my MFP co bloggers and have heard nothing but super good things from Halley Medical Aesthetics, so I decided to give it a go.

Nobody warned about Dr Tan’s humor!

The moment I entered the office, I was pretty much laughing the entire time during the consultation!

Of course, the consultation wasn’t all just about jokes.
It was time to get down to business!
I’ve shared with him my long time woe which is the army of white heads on my face.
Adding on to those long time unwanted heads, I also have dry and bumpy spots mostly on my forehead and cheeks.

I’ve been thinking a whole lot about whether I should get fillers again, especially after seeing the difference of having them for a year plus.
I did not even touch my concealers for a year and putting on tinted sunscreen was basically enough for me to confidently go out the house.
It makes SUCH a huge difference!

But now?
I started getting “you look tired” , “did you get enough sleep” and “are you sick” questions again and let me tell you, I do not miss being asked all those questions at all!

mfphw_halley_trish_fatfreeze-2_zpswrztmjqyThis is my face right now :/
Somehow the rashes/bumps have come back in full force and wearing make up just makes way too obvious.

It has been bugging me for the longest time and it even came to the point where I stopped wearing make up except for my eye and lips.

Another issue is the shape of my face.
No I am not obsessing with myself but it was something that I noticed when I look at pictures or even videos of myself.
I feel like after the fillers have said their sad goodbyes, the shape of my cheeks, jaw and chin just went all over the place.
I don’t really know how to explain but it was one of the many things I told Dr Tan and to be honest I don’t even know for myself if I want to do anything with it.

I really like what Dr Tan said, “If it’s perfect, why change it?” and I still stand by that belief.
I’m content with my face shape sometimes I just can’t stand its shape because I don’t even know what shape it is!

Talking with him was such a breeze and the consultation took about 30 mins?
It was mostly me talking and laughing so I am pretty sure if I was more serious it would have been just 10 minutes, hahah!

I suppose his down-to-earth and approachable presence just made it really easy for me to voice out my skin and face issues without sounding like I was ranting it out.
After all the visage issues, he asked if there is anything with my body that I am concerned about.
I’m pretty sure a million and one things came into my mind but most I can live with and some I even embraced.

Of course, all except the belly.
It’s just the toughest thing to get rid of no matter how many crunches I do!
Yes I am petite and skinny, yes I am happy with my body but hey some parts are just more stubborn than the rest.
I’m not exactly sure if I want anything done to my belly, I’ll leave it to Dr Tan!
I told him my preference is to focus on the face (:

I mean as you can see I am pretty covered up all the time, plus I do want to bear children in the future so the belly fats, I can learn to love!

Just in case I want to go through that, he gave me a quick run down of this method called  cryolipolysis or fat freezing with the “Coolscultping” device, if you want to know more about it, check this link out from their website –> http://halley.com.sg/page-slimming-body-contouring

Dr Tan suggested a few things for my skin problems such as laser, facials and even some products.
For fillers….hmm, we’ll see (:

I pretty much go blank when they start talking about technology and machines and all that but I will do my research and bring my notebook if I have to when I meet him again.

Super excited to get started on this journey with Halley Medical Aesthetics!
The plus point, other than the super cozy and girly clinic, is it’s only about 10 minutes cab ride from my workplace.

I will update you guys every step of the way!

Thanks for reading (:
Love, Trish <3

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