Acne Journey With The Clifford Clinic


Today, let’s get raw and talk about my biggest insecurity.


I have had acne for the past decade and tried all sorts of, whatever you can think of. My acne is hormonal, and it flares up during pre-period or at times of stress. Of course, genes  and a bad lifestyle contribute, like sleeping late and eating junk food. *guilty*

While I do have good days, I came to a point to accept that my skin will never be 100% clear or marks-free. You have no idea how much effort and money I have invested in my skin. It’s crazy…


I promise you good-skin-people that acne is a painful thing. I remember staring at myself in the mirror, crying and feeling awfully ugly. Thankfully (not really) we have all the beauty filters & apps to delete any traces of skin texture, bumps, scars, and acne, to superficially remind me that I am not that hideous.

Coming across all these people online with baby skin, it definitely crushed my self-esteem but I also know that acne is more common than you think. I’ve seen lots of influencers sharing their acne journey and getting help with lasers and treatments too.

Which is why I decided to consult The Clifford Clinic.

I was very skeptical initially because I did carbon lasers, chemical peel prior and it didn’t work at all. But I’ve seen so many positive transformations and it made me desperate to give it a try.

Here’s what they offer for acne skin.


Super hesitant to post but figured I should provide some pictures to show you my skin condition. This was taken with flash, you can see all the acne, redness, scars and large pores. My skin was really dull too.

Dr. Gerard Ee attended to me when I visited The Clifford Clinic. I honestly think he was so nice and the whole consultation just made me feel so safe and assured. Dr. Ee analyzed my condition and prompted me to do their Agnes Acne Treatment.

In layman term, it’s basically a treatment that uses radiofrequency to zap your skin sebum through a micro-needle. It emits an electric-like current that apparently destroys your problematic sebaceous glands. Chances are, you will less likely break out around the targeted area.

For more details, click here to read what Dr. Ee wrote about this treatment.

The entire process was about 2 hours-ish for me. Here’s my experience:

Step 1: Cleansing your face to make sure no dust, oil or makeup residue

Step 2: Numbing your face for 30 mins (they did 2 layers of anesthetic cream for me to enhance the numbing effect)

Step 3: Extraction for excess sebum

Step 4: actual process (refer to the aforementioned)

I was warned that it’s going to be VERY painful but the actual thing was rigorous. Ok, I have minimal pain tolerance but it was a crazy 5 mins of my life. 8/10 pain. No joke. I was squeezing the assistant’s hand, while Dr. Ee attempts to drive a conversation to distract me.

Me in my head: “Beauty is pain… beauty is painszjnxa, beauty is AHHH PAINN”


Smile of relief after drowning my eyes in tears inside the protective goggles. I was also super horrified at the sight of my face after the treatment. I was left with a swelling face filled with marks and holes from the microneedle.

Luckily all these marks will subside in several days and I continued to tell myself, “This will all be worth it, plus I’m in good hands”. I went home feeling pretty hopeful.

I was also given after-care creams and instructions to properly take care of my skin for the following days.

Day 2 post-treatment, I was informed to return to do a quick 10 mins drainage for any excess pus & debris left after the treatment. Light extraction was done to make sure my skin was completely gunk free. Although my skin was still red and bumpy, Dr. Ee said that the recovery was good as scabs were already forming on the wound.


The next few days of recovery were pretty much spent like this. I was very self-conscious at the state of my skin but by day 4 it was already largely improved. It was visible that the marks were fading, and I didn’t have any active acne forming too. However, my skin was peeling slightly and felt really dry. Which Dr. Ee claimed to be a good sign. (Thankful for this constant reassurance)


Day 5, going back to work. There were still visible dry patches but I was able to cover the redness and marks with makeup. My complexion also looks a lot brighter somehow.

IMG_54172 weeks after, I literally woke up like this. I felt extra confident and good because I received a lot of compliments on my skin. People around me could actually see a visible improvement. I still have pimples here and there, but you can see my skin got so much better. I also went back for a Q switch laser, which greatly helped with brightening my skin and getting rid of pigments.


Here’s a close-up. I do want to point out that despite the high potential to stop recurring pimples, I still don’t have perfect skin. But that’s ok because this is only the start.

I’m typing this 1 month after my treatment and despite the significant improvement, I am still breaking out a little. Especially given my lifestyle habit of sleeping late, eating irregularly, etc, plus constipation, not drinking enough water and having the urge to try new products constantly, my skin is bound to break down. I blame myself. I also found it hard to dedicate my time to go through the multi-step skincare routine, ultimate hassle.


That being said, I will never compromise the 2 most important steps to skincare, which is, cleansing and moisturizing and these 2 babies are absolutely great for people with skin like mine. It’s not drugstore priced but definitely worth the buck. I’m only saying this because I’ve been using it diligently (evident from the picture) and here’s my thought:

  1. Balancing Cleanser: Gentle and left my skin feeling soft and clean without the tightening feeling, I like how it’s mildly soaped too.
  2. Balancing Facial Cream: Super moisturizing yet not oily AT ALL! It’s a good makeup base and I spam this like crazy at night and wake up with soothed and well-hydrated skin. Low key love the smell too.

These 2 products are specially formulated for acne skin and can only be bought at the clinic itself. Would I repurchase? A big YES. It doesn’t do wonders but it’s those trusty products you should always have that will only do good.

I have pipelined my appointments with The Clifford Clinic and I can’t wait to share more about my experience with them.

If you’d like to consult on Agnes treatment or other acne treatments, please call in to book for a consultation. Be quick because they’re really packed.

Call: 6532 2048
Whatsapp: 8318 6332

They are located conveniently at:

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621
(Exit A from Raffles MRT)

See you there!

Trying out the V Beam laser in my next visit, stay tuned for more deets 😉