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The Cat Cafe @ Bugis Village Review

If you have seen my earlier post, you would know that I have booked Studio M hotel to celebrate me & bu’s first anniversary!

So we went to The Cat Cafe at Bugis Village!

4 to 5 years ago, I really hated cats a lot and whenever they come near me, I will cry because I was just simply so afraid of them. Please don’t ask me why, because I don’t know why either.

However, in the recent years, due to Tumblr, I fell in love with cats. Intitally, I kind of force myself and convince myself that I hate cats, but I couldn’t do it, the more I look at them the more I fall in love with them. From a dog lover, to a cat lover just like that (another weird thing is I don’t really like dogs anymore, I really don’t know why).

I have always, always wanted to go to The Cat Cafe! And I finally went to one last week!

Here a few photos of the cats there in The Cat Cafe.

image2 image3 image5 image6 image7 image8 image10 image11 image12
Honestly, it was rather disappointing during my visit at The Cat Cafe.


1. More than half of the cats were sleeping, and the cats refuse to let you touch them, I guess they are probably so sick of getting touched everyday that’s why the dodge whenever human touches them. They dodge not only when customers like us, but also the servers/caregivers there. Which I don’t think it’s a healthy sign.

2. I wasn’t expecting a tip-top service, but I totally wasn’t expecting the caregivers to be rather rude, and they are totally not friendly at all.
So if you are looking for a tip-top service place to chill, I would recommend you not to go to The Cat Cafe. I personally would rather go to Starbucks instead of The Cat Cafe as Starbucks is way much cheaper, and the staffs there are friendlier.

3. Like I have said, Starbucks is way cheaper because there is an entrance fee of $15 per pax. With the $15 package, you only get to have a can of soda. Whatever kinds of muffins or cakes, you will have to pay extra. So that day I think I paid about $35, for 2 cans of drinks & a muffin.

This is my own personal review and own personal experience I had at The Cat Cafe, but if you are a cat lover, you can still always go to The Cat Cafe and check them out!

The Cat Cafe @ Bugis Village
Facebook | Website | Email

[Bugis Village 3rd Floor] 241B Victoria Street, Singapore 188030
Operating Hours:
3pm-10pm (Monday)
10am-10pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
Contact Number:
+65 6338 6815

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(ending this post of myself hehehe)



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