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Okeh. This is a post bout iPhone. (If you are a Samsung user please go away, I do not wish to talk to chu 013001300130)

I have been using iPhone since secondary school days, when I was maybe about 14 or 15.
My first iPhone was iPhone 3, and then to iPhone 3G, and to 2 iPhone 4 (I lost one and got another replacement), and then now, I am currently holding an iPhone 5.

Tbh, I dont know why I like iPhones so much. I just love it.
Or maybe because I seriously dislike Android because I feel that it is so complicated.
I know it is not exactly complicated, I know. I was used to be a promoter for HTC and Samsung phones, and yeah, I do know stuffs okkkk.

Even though, I was really happy working. But I really dislike it when there are times when I have to convince customers to purchase Samsung phones.
I was happy working because I manage to serve the most unhappy customers to a happy one. I love helping them to set up their phones.
I love helping, so why not? And when you see a smile on their face, thats the best gift ever.

But, when they are iPhone users switching to Samsung. In my heart, I was like really disappointed la. In my head, all I could think was “Betrayer. Betrayer. Betrayer.” LOL.
I will quarrel with my friends over our phones, bcus I refused to admit that Samsung is better than Apple products.

This month, 20th Sep. iPhone 5C and 5S will both be available in Singapore.
It’s both Nano-sim btw.

iPhone 5C, is the lower end phone and comes with 5 colours which are: green, blue, yellow, pink, and white.

They should have came out with this idea donkey years ago.
iPhone have always been releasing one phone a year, while Samsung releases like more than 3-4 phones a year.

So here, this is iPhone 5S, the higher end one.
It comes in 3 colours: white(sliver), black(space grey) and gold. And it comes with 64GB, when normally the largest was only 32GB.

Oh ya, my iOS 7 Beta crashed and I lost all my contacts, pictures. Just literally every single thing. iOS 7, will be out on the 18th of Sep people.

Yesterday when I was out, on the streets I kept hearing 5C or 5S. Everyone is so indecisive, because 5Cs are the one with colours! Jeez. Cant wait for it to be out!!!!!


Model Price (without contract)
iPhone 5c 16GB S$848
iPhone 5c 32GB S$988
iPhone 5s 16GB S$988
iPhone 5s 32GB S$1,148
iPhone 5s 64GB S$1,288

I  C A N ‘ T  W A I T  : }



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