Post #14; my best friend.

Nicole Kwek Xue Er.

I promise, this will be the last post about this girl. And after today, she will never appear in my blog or life anymore. All my posts, will be without her.
A life without her, I will go back to my past when I didnt know her at all. Even yeah, I stalk her still. This is my first time stalking people.

We didnt know each other, we were from different school, we dont really have any much friends in common, we stay far away from each other. But fate pulled us together.
The first time I saw her was at Causeway point, when a fire broke out there years back.
She is someone very friendly back then. I didn’t know her, she came to tag me at my tagbox during the past, and she added me on Friendster, this is where our friendships started.
We hangs out everyday like every other best friends. We skipped school and go to Party World together, to sing.
We texted everyday. I miss those times. We were using the same phone, the LG phone. We love taking pictures of ourselves, so much.
She will stay over at my place and we will bath together, having both of us raw. Her laughter was so horrible, but i like it a lot, it makes me happy.
Her smile was so sweet.

When we were younger, we were much closer. The older we got, the more we drifted. We changed, because we were to comfortable with each other.
Yes, indeed, I love this girl a lot. But, it doesn’t matter now.
When we were younger, we enjoyed each other’s accompany a lot. We have so much things in common.
We both fell in love with the wrong guy at the age of 14, we will talk so much about our man, our love, and see how each other break down.
We are both very messy as well. Both of us, loves singing a lot as well. So, whenever I go to the KTV, I will always think of her.
Both of us fall in love twice before. Hers was Spencer and Zhuming, and mine was Keegan and Aloysius Hansel.
We will go to the beach with the same bikini, just different colour. We love eating a lot, and love watching movie.
We will gossip so much about so many people around.

There’s so much I miss about this girl. There’s so much things I have not done with her yet.

I am the attention seeker, I have lots of attention on me compared to her. She felt unhappy that I neglected her. So, I stopped contacting many girls.
I am a person that doesn’t like to reply texts. I tried my best to reply all her texts, unless I’m asleep or busy. But, sometimes seeing more than a hundred messages in my inbox makes me lazy. So, I ignored it.
I love her a lot, because she doesn’t come from a perfect family. I always want to be her shelter, to be there for her, to love her, to help her.

I taught her a lot of things. I taught her to be strong, because there’s nothing called love.
Money makes the world go around. I told her no guys, no men know whats love, to them, its just rubbish.
I told her and taught her so much, that she believes in every word I said.

I forgive her lots of time, because I love her too much, I don’t want to lose her like how I lose Keegan.
Everyone told me to forget about it, because everyone lose faith and beliefs in her.
But, its because its her. Maybe she didn’t change at all, maybe we all have never knew her at all.
Everyone is very unhappy with her and her actions. We all have come to a point, that we realized the Nicole we knew, was already no longer with us. We have no idea where she went, and we all miss her a lot.

We will talk about our future. Saying, going overseas together, going to rent a flat in poly life and stay together, and so much more. But everything will never come true, anymore.
She’s someone I can never be angry long with, because I love her.
I love this girl a lot, and I will always love her, like always.
She was the best girlfriend, because I can never find any one so much like me. But, maybe, our fate as friends is time to end.
Still, thank for you appearing in my life.

If you were to see this post. Promise me, to be happy always and forever. Find your true love, not like the previous 2 bastards. Take good care of yourself. I love you, always.
If you need help, I will always be here, as your shelter.



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