Working mom working out

I always look forward to the weekend mornings because I get to workout with the cutest little distractions ever. Having kids has never made it such that I have no time to get my training done. In fact, they make it way more entertaining sometimes ❤️


It is true that with children and having to work I don’t have very much ME time left. But when I do make the time to work out no matter how short the session may be, it always helps me feel more energized and infused with those happy hormones. 

So to fellow moms, I know it always sounds daunting at first. But with a little time management and creativity, it’s always possible to spend a few minutes a few times each day to fit in some exercise and it’s more than just doing something for ourselves. We’re setting an example for the little ones too.

Recovering with Impact tights from C3fit

After working for over 2 weeks in a row without a day off, I’m really looking forward to just recovering over this long weekend. .

And these Impact Tights from C3fit are just perfect for helping me recover quickly and improving the quality of rest. Of course having a little cherub planting kisses on me throughout the day helps immensely too ☺️❤️.


Even though these compression tights provide the firmest level of support in the series of C3fit tights, the 3D design and 4-way stretch dry mesh material still allows for optimal leg movement and breath ability. .

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Dressing up four daughters

Ever since Large was born, I had always shopped at @mothercaresg for my babies daily needs and apparel. And even up till now I still enjoy shopping here for their clothes because I know the quality is good and the kiddos will be comfortable while wearing them.

Now dressing up one daughter and stocking up her closet isn’t exactly a walk in the park. So with four daughters, I do have to make of an effort to ensure that they have comfortable and well-fitted clothes that they can enjoy their activities in and not worry about chafing , seams coming off or some form Olof wardrobe malfunction.


Thank you Mothercare for the beautiful outfits for my four girls that they truly enjoy running and lounging around in.


And it looks like I’m half prepared for the CNY visiting! I just need to get two more red dresses now! 😉.


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Healthy cooking made easier

A good method to provide good nutrition to my family would be through healthy food!

Being a working mom of four, it does become chaotic should any of my kids not feel well. Which is why I always try my best to nourish them and supplement their diets to ensure that their immune systems are rock solid.

This means plenty of home-cooked meals that they girls and I enjoy eating such as our favorite pumpkin soup. I’ve even included the simple recipe below. And having nifty gadgets like the Braun Multi Quick9 saves me plenty of time when it comes to preparing meals so I get more play time with the children.

As a very hands on mom in the kitchen, I’ve used many other hand blenders over the years but what’s so unique about the Multi Quick9 is the ACTIVEBlade technology that allows it to move up and down and easily blend the hardest foods with 40% less effort. And the flexible shaft results in 250% more active cutting surface to work with. 
Anything that saves me time and yet delivers great performance is a keeper. Loving meal preps even more now because of this fancy kitchen gadget. 

Pumpkin soup recipe:
1. Heat stock, salt, pumpkin, onion, thyme, garlic and peppercorns. Being to a boil, reduce heat to low, and simmer for 30 minutes uncovered.
2. Purée the soup using a hand blender.
3. Return to pot and bring to a boil again.
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Happenings over the past three months

I can’t believe how I’ve neglected my blog ever since I started uploading photos onto Facebook. Its just putting up pictures onto Facebook is such a breeze and takes so little time compared to uploading them onto a blog. Nevertheless, there is still that extra expressiveness here that I value, compared to sharing our experiences through photos on FB.  

So here is my attempt to cram in updates and happenings over the past three months into one post. I shall only include pictures of the more significant events and trips we made during the past 12 weeks.

Some of the milestones we came across include how Nya started school at Children’s House Montessori School, our trip to California and San Diego where we got to visit Disneyland, Seaworld, Legoland, the San Diego Zoo and Knotts Berry Farm. We also visited Las Vegas, Seattle, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Twin Falls and Yellowstone Park to name a few.  Here are some of the pictures taken since the last time I posted. Hopefully it won’t take me that long to share an update again =)

So proud of Nyx’s iniative to help out with the housework

I cannot agree more about how kids pick up behavioral attributes from parents so quickly.  Just yesterday Nyx quietly put away all the folded laundry that was left downstairs into all the appropriate rooms and cupboards upstairs without my knowledge.  She only came to tell me that she had done it when her chore was complete.  Of course I went to double check, haha! And I was so pleased that she actually did an excellent job.  Thank you baby girl. Now I wonder when Nya will start helping out voluntarily too….. =) 

Nyx also makes her breakfast sometimes and will help me feed her little sis when she sees that I’m busy.

Summer holidays are here

This week Nyx doesn’t have to go to school as the school is closed for the beginning of Summer break.  Although it means we don’t have to wake up as early, I actually feel more worn out having to entertain, educate and care for two hyperactive balls of energy 24/7.  Today we went to the local animal shelter in town again to visit the residents and also popped by Legacy Park for some R & R.  

Settling down in Idaho

My new car, a Chrysler Town and Country

Since arriving in Mountainhome, Idaho since Sunday we’ve managed to settle a few things such as getting a car, viewing our new house which we will move into by this Saturday, buying furniture and appliances, opening up bank accounts and getting our military IDs.   The weather here is definitely much colder than Singapore but its nothing new to the kids who went through this sort of weather in France so they’re adapting very well.

Back in the Land of Freedom

9 years ago Guojun and I lived in America for 2 years just after we got married, and now nearly a decade later we’re back again except this time we’re here as a party of 4 instead of just the two of us.  We flew here on the 6th of March and arrived in LA, staying for a night before reaching Idaho yesterday. The weather here is definitely much colder than Singapore but I’m glad the kids adjusted to it easily as its about the same sort of weather we got in France.  

We’re now staying in the TLF (Temporary Living Facilty) before moving to our new home by the end of the week. Here are some pictures taken since we arrived.

P.S. To all our family and friends back home, we miss you!!!!!!

Preparing for our next big move.

Although we’ve been back in Singapore for less than 9 months, it feels like a long time as we’ve filled our days here with memorable moments and fun-filled activities with our friends and families.  In a short while we will be setting up our new home in America and I’m reviving my blog once again so that I may share our family’s experiences and day to day life with people who care about us and want to keep in touch.  

To a brand new adventure and a happy new year! Huat ah! =)