Review: The LG G7+ThinQ

Been using the G7+ThinQ by LG for the past 3 weeks and as an avid user of the iPhone, find out why I’m now sold onto the amazing camera features of this smartphone.

The first thing I like about the G7+ is the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone which I miss after I switched to the iPhone X because I don’t have to raise the phone to my face in order to unlock the phone quickly.

You might wonder, what’s with the long name and the “ThinQ” at the end? Its basically LG’s artificial intelligence platform that allows users to connect a number of its products with this feature together, so you could control your washer or access your refrigerator via your phone. All part of making your house a smart home.

The finger print sensor conveniently located below the camera.

After using the phone for some weeks now, I’ve truly fallen in love with the features of its camera, especially when I compared the images and videos taken from the same spot with different phone cameras. Here are two videos taken of my aerial yoga practice in my living room with the LG G7+ and my iPhone X. Because of the wide-angle camera feature of the G7+, I’m able to capture a lot more of the surroundings.

Wide-Angle camera

Screenshot from iPhone video.
Screenshot from G7 video. Click to watch the full video

You can see from the screenshots above that from the same spot where both phones were placed to record at the same time, a lot of the surroundings and even Nykki talking to me in the background has been cropped off. A wide angle definitely helps me be able to capture a lot of the moment. I also like how the video looks brighter, and both videos are not edited.

The wide angle feature is all thanks to the G7+ ThinQ using the same dual cam setup that LG uses – 16 megapixel camera, optical image stabilisation, and paired with a 16 megapixel f/1.9 wide angle camera. I tried using the camera to take videos in the night too and because of its Super Bright camera mode for night shots, images did turn out pretty good although the shutter speed can be a little faster.

I really can’t get enough of the wide angle feature which allows you to take 107 degrees photos, and this is something unique to LG as it is the only manufacturer to have a wide angle camera phone currently in the market.

Being able to capture everything I need in that one shot because of the wide angle function instead of having to stand too far away is just one of the main reasons why I love this camera phone.

Super Bright Camera Mode

The ability to capture night time images with its Super Bright mode is very much appreciated when taking shots like these outdoors after sundown (image is not edited). I used another camera phone to take this shot too but it just turned out too dark.

Portrait Mode

Tried out the portrait mode of the phone it blurs out the background pretty well even when I zoomed in so I give it a thumbs up here too.

Long Battery Life

Considering how much I use my phone throughout the day to reply emails on the go, take photos and videos, go on phone calls, update my social media accounts and go on FaceTime with the kids and my husband, I’m very impressed with the battery life of the G7+. With a 3,000 mAH battery capacity, I’m able to go for 2 days without charging the phone at all. I can’t say the same for my other phone though.

All in all, I’m really happy with the camera features of the phone and as a long time Apple user I’m actually tempted to switch to an Android phone just so that I can utilise the superior camera on this phone! Oh the dilemma….



Elegant and timeless backpacks by Gaston Luga

What do you look for when choosing a backpack? For me it has to be functional, stylish and practical. The reason why I’d carry a backpack is because you can distribute the weight over both shoulders and be able to lug heavier stuff around. And this is why I’d always choose one that can carry the bulky stuff I need like my laptop, charger cable, purse, phones, water bottle, snacks, etc. This list obviously gets longer if I’m moving around with my kids.

Packing both her stuff and mine into one single backpack.


I really like the minimalist look of the backpacks from Gaston Luga which originates from Sweden. The elegant style and practical details so typical of the backpacks from this brand gives it that Scandinavian minimalism look which suits all different occasions whether I’m taking the kids out to the beach or if I’m packing my laptop and work essentials to head to a meeting.

The comfortable shoulder straps don’t give my shoulders abrasion.

What makes the backpacks from Gaston Luga so perfect for travelling is how each bag has a special passport and travel ticket pocket to allow for easy accessibility and safety. This has now become an elegant leather detail in every single Gaston Luga backpack.

I really like the minimalist look of the Pråper White

I love the details of the backpack and with the expandable metal hook closer I can adjust it to fit depending on how much I pack into the bag. There’s even a laptop pocket within it, along with four smaller compartments to contain my phone, wallet, keys and other smaller items so they don’t end up swimming around inside. The inner lining of the bag is made of 100% cotton and the colour is just so pretty!

Suitable for whether I’m headed outdoors or just working indoors.

There are four metal studs under the bag which give it extra protection from abrasive or rough surfaces and also adds to giving it a cooler look. The basic colours of the bag also make it so easy for me to match it with whatever I’m wearing. Whether I’m dressed for meetings, work or play.

Just for my readers, use the discount code thatmomoffour to get 15% off your purchase from Gaston Luga and enjoy free shipping! You’ll even get a free canvas tote bag with your online purchase and this is only available for a limited period.


Making working momlife even easier with honestbee

*Media drop*

Thank you @honestbeesg for the surprise this afternoon right afternoon my lunchtime class! And you gave me just what I needed to refuel 💪🏻.

The freshness of the fruit in the hamper was very much appreciated too! 


As a mother of four and business owner my time is very precious. So the fact that honestbee can now deliver my groceries as fast as the next hour or on the same day, it truly is a very welcome convenience for me. 


Fresh by honestbee is the newest addition to the the honestbee family and was just launched islandwide. 


Download their app to your phone or visit their website at to purchase from Fresh.


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The magic of Christmas

Some of the enchanting things about Christmas include the snow and seeing how our little ones try to catch them before it lands on the ground. There’s also the stories about Christmas and how it came about. Not forgetting the wonderment of telling Santa your wish for this season and seeing the smiles on loved ones when you make their wish come true.

Traveling somewhere this season to experience all this may not be possible for some of us but there are still ways to experience all this wonderment and see the faces and spirits of your little ones light up brighter than the lights on a Christmas tree.
When we visited the Magical Realm at Velocity, not only did my babies get to listen to Father Christmas and Jack Frost share about the stories of Christmas, the little ones were treated with popcorn and candy floss and they also got to sit in a carriage and take some pictures with a life-size Christmas themed carousel. 
What was most special about the visit here was the massive snow globe that we could enter and within it the kids could experience snowfall and be taken to what seems to be a page out of a Christmas storybook. 
It’s so important to keep the sense of wonderment in our little ones. How are you doing it this season?