Sit down for a cuppa

Sitting here at AEIOU cafe with my favorite order of avocado coffee, I’m reminded of how important it is for us all to take the time to connect with that non-rushing side of us. I call this….. “Avocado Coffee Time”. With a million and one thing’s that I have to juggle, the last thing I want is a melt-down or burn-out. And the only reason why I look like I’m able to breeze through my days without going bananas is because I actually plan for short moments to do the things that make me feel less like a machine and more like a curious learner, intrigued with my surroundings and people around me. It feels like you switched to a different type of lens and see the world differently, in a better way of course.

When I sat down with one of my clients today who is almost 60 and looks more like she’s 40…… she shared with me once again how she schedules in our sessions and doesn’t allow anyone from work to disturb her during the time that we’re working together. This is how she manages her mood and recharges herself. This is her “avocado coffee time”. If there’s another busy mom and business owner I know who juggles a million and one things….. this is she. 
Sometimes we get so caught up in work or managing and the slightest trigger can potentially cause you to snap at others. Before that happens….. take an “avocado coffee moment”.