Award Winning Crabs from 8 Crabs Seafood Kitchen!

The thing about good seafood is the freshness and preparation to best bring out the flavour of the dish. And our home delivered meal with 8 Crabs did not disappoint!

Having won several awards and features on The Straits Times, Zaobao, Eatbook and The Vulcan Post, their best-selling crab dishes are a must-try and you can expect big and meaty Sri-Lankan crabs with no hollow shells or crumbly meat. I actually ordered for the home delivery via their website here .

Chilli Crabs from 8 Crabs. Photo credit 8 Crabs

So what’s so special about the crabs from 8 Crabs?

The crabs prepared by 8 Crabs are Sri Lankan sourced wild catch crabs, which is why:

  • they are Bigger, Meatier and Tastier.
  • there is no ammonia smell or taste
  • cooked from Live Crabs only, dead crabs are strictly discarded
  • Free from harmful substances

In fact, consuming crabs that smell like ammonia can be harmful to the human body and shouldn’t be be consumed. Crabs actually get stressed very easily and ammonia is the byproduct of seafood going bad. When the crabs get stressed, they produce a lot of it and the smell is strongest before it is cooked. Therefore most restaurants use recipes such as chilli crabs that are rich in smell and flavour that can mask the smell of ammonia.

Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crabs are better than the commercially farmed ones that produce ammonia as a result of stress in captivity. In fact, this overcrowding can mean diseases are spread easily and substances are added into their waters to counter that. The overcrowding in the farms also cause more distress to the crabs, thus increasing the amount ammonia in them.

What’s so great about the Sri Lankan crabs that are air-flown in by 8 Crabs is how it actually takes just less than 12 hours for the crab from being wild caught in Sri Lanka to arrive in your home! I’m impressed 8 Crabs!

Our first order from 8 Crabs

Of course I couldn’t resist ordering the Chilli Crab dish since its one of the best selling dishes. And it definitely did not disappoint! The crab wasn’t just massive in size….. the flavour was just huge and the meat was so juicy too. For someone who hates getting hollow shells or shrunken meat beneath the shells in the crabs that I order, I was very happy with this dish indeed. And so was the family!

They also have other mouth watering dishes which we ordered including the Premium Pork Ribs King, Yam Ring and Premium Salted Egg Prawn. So Yummy!!

Check out the size of this thing! That’s my hand by the way, not the kids’.

Even my littlest 4 years old Miss Kiki enjoyed dipping the fried mantous into the gravy to savour the flavour of the gravy!

Thank you 8 Crabs for such a scrumptious and mouth watering meal right in the comfort of our own home!!

Order online and enjoy it with your family at home

This matters so much more for my family and I now especially since only a max of 5 are allowed at one table, lol!

Here’s what you can expect when you order from 8 Crabs online:

Express 1 Hour Delivery: S$ 18.00 per order
-60 Minutes Crab Guarantee will require an additional 15mins for order processing.
-Should the delivery be late, express delivery will fees will be refunded.

Express Delivery Example:
Customer orders at 6.15pm. 8 Crabs will process the order within 15mins to confirm payment and schedule for delivery.
Customer receives at 7.20pm. Delivery is Completed.
Confirmation: 15mins
Preparation and cooking: 20-30mins
Delivery: 20-30mins

Same day or Advance Order delivery fee: S$ 8.00 flat per order(islandwide)

Spend a minimum of S$120 to enjoy FREE DELIVERY regardless of delivery type

So Fellow crabs lovers, don’t hesitate, make your first order now with 8 Crabs!