Number 3

Number 3…… Also known as Miss LaLa.


This is the one who still believes in magic and fairies….. and of course the possibility that she can grow up to be a Princess of the world.


This little girl has a knack for making friends wherever she goes and most recently has been nominated as Mayor of the heartland at my mum and dad’s neighborhood. 

I still find it highly amusing that on her way to school and back, walking past the market and banks, she will insist on greeting Mr Yong Tau Fu man, Mr Ice Cream stall man, Uncle Mat Yo Yo who runs the Malay food stall at the market and Uncle Wanton Mee. Oftentimes they will offer her packets of food or snacks from their stall to take along with her. ❤

She truly understands and lives by that kampong spirit. 

Don’t grow up so fast my darling…..



Photo credit: @eena_eyes .

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Spontaneity brings about the best surprises

I’ve always appreciated how my kids are always up for whatever crazy idea I throw at them. Be it climbing a tree, carrying an iguana, stalking a snake or putting their tiny feet into a pool of hungry Garra Rufa.

And it is also these moments of spontaneity that bring about some of the best memories and that sense of adventure. 


Disclaimer: no children were hurt on any of these impromptu adventures
Everyone has their way of bringing up their kids and will know what’s best for them. But for my badass girl squad….. I want them to be fearless and brave people who know how to live life to the fullest ❤

Even when you expected it….. It still hits hard

Yesterday started out great and the girl army and I went about our usual weekend adventuring and gallivanting around the island till evening when I called my mum and she informed me that my grandma was being admitted to the hospital again.

She had been in and out of the hospital for the past year now battling colon cancer at the age of 92. And late last night she passed on…… 
Even though we were told by the doctors since last week to be prepared for this, it still hit us hard when the moment finally came.


You always had one of the kindest hearts I know and the memories I have of you taking care of us will live on. 
Love you always Porpor 😔❤

Gotta love them long weekends

It’s been weeks since I’ve had a proper day off and this long weekend I get two days of work-free, and play-full days with my girls! Yesterday we started off with ice-cream for breakfast at Udders even though the queue even before the store opened had almost 20 people in front before us!

The car I drove the army in to ice-cream experienced some mechanical problems at the carpark so I had to get Alpine motors to tow the car to the workshop while I went to get our other vehicle from home so our weekend adventure could proceed! 🙂
The long drive to the SPCA and Qian Hu Fish Farm was so worth it when I saw the smiles on the kids faces and the most entertaining part really had to be when I dared my eldest to feed her feet to the fishes at the fish spa!