Desert surprise

Back home in Singapore I always make the time to recharge myself at some of my favorite spots at the beach. Sinking my feet in the sand and letting the waves lap at my legs….. breathing in the sea spray or just standing on the cool grass just beyond the shoreline, all these make me feel more alive and rejuvenated and I always leave the beach with a smile on my face and my heart ❤️.

For the past week while we drove to Las Vegas and Los Angeles and spent time in the theme parks and the city….. I didn’t have much of a chance to get that recharging that I needed, so it felt extremely satisfying this afternoon when we got to stop by the Parganagat National Wildlife Refuge. 
I shared with my kids about how taking the time to just be quiet and alone in nature brings about such a positive effect on me and I can only hope they appreciate it as much as I do.