More than just a bun

Throwback to New Year’s Eve when my hair was done up by Small here. She’s always been the fashionista among the four of them and enjoys drawing dresses with unique designs on them since she was 3. 

As the girls go back to school today, I know they will all be tieing their own hair and wearing their own uniforms as they prep for school (except for Extra Small) and once again I can’t help but feel a little sad that they’re growing up so fast….

I will tie your hair for you for as long as you’ll let me

Happy first day back at school my babies ❤️. .

Number 2!

Number 2……. Also known as Medium, The Wild Child and Mini Dawn.

For the first year after she was born, it felt as though I hadn’t given birth because she would be wrapped against my chest while I did all the chores, practiced, took care of her and Large and of course shopped for groceries. 
When we later moved to the States, I remember how shopping for groceries was such a breeze not just because you and your sis would hold my pockets while I pushed the trolley….. but really because even at a tender age of 3 you could remember where some of the items I needed were located. Thanks brainy.
Always the first one to race me up a tree and roll out the mat to practice together, stalk wild iguanas and snakes or just hang out (upside down) on our hammocks….. Medium has always gotten the hang of things at breakneck speed with a smile on her face.
If only she could do that when it comes to finishing her meals 😂
Love you baby cakes ❤

Number 1! Large….

Meet Large. Also known as Goody two shoes and the unpaid babysitter 😂

My firstborn who taught me the most about what is it is to be a mother, how to love someone else more than I love myself and how to catch vomit with my shirt like a hammock before it ends up all over the carpet.
She’s always amazed me with her heart of gold and thoughtfulness towards others, always ready to give and think about the impact on those around her.
Ever since I was pregnant with her second sister 10 months after she was born, Large has always been there to help me and cheer up….. even helping me fetch the diapers and wet wipes for her sis when she was less than 2 years old. And 10 years on, this has not changed. She still does all this and more 
Thank you for letting me be your mommy. And finish your vegetables! 😂 
Love you baby.

Number 3

Number 3…… Also known as Miss LaLa.


This is the one who still believes in magic and fairies….. and of course the possibility that she can grow up to be a Princess of the world.


This little girl has a knack for making friends wherever she goes and most recently has been nominated as Mayor of the heartland at my mum and dad’s neighborhood. 

I still find it highly amusing that on her way to school and back, walking past the market and banks, she will insist on greeting Mr Yong Tau Fu man, Mr Ice Cream stall man, Uncle Mat Yo Yo who runs the Malay food stall at the market and Uncle Wanton Mee. Oftentimes they will offer her packets of food or snacks from their stall to take along with her. ❤

She truly understands and lives by that kampong spirit. 

Don’t grow up so fast my darling…..



Photo credit: @eena_eyes .

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