Elegant and timeless backpacks by Gaston Luga

What do you look for when choosing a backpack? For me it has to be functional, stylish and practical. The reason why I’d carry a backpack is because you can distribute the weight over both shoulders and be able to lug heavier stuff around. And this is why I’d always choose one that can carry the bulky stuff I need like my laptop, charger cable, purse, phones, water bottle, snacks, etc. This list obviously gets longer if I’m moving around with my kids.

Packing both her stuff and mine into one single backpack.


I really like the minimalist look of the backpacks from Gaston Luga which originates from Sweden. The elegant style and practical details so typical of the backpacks from this brand gives it that Scandinavian minimalism look which suits all different occasions whether I’m taking the kids out to the beach or if I’m packing my laptop and work essentials to head to a meeting.

The comfortable shoulder straps don’t give my shoulders abrasion.

What makes the backpacks from Gaston Luga so perfect for travelling is how each bag has a special passport and travel ticket pocket to allow for easy accessibility and safety. This has now become an elegant leather detail in every single Gaston Luga backpack.

I really like the minimalist look of the Pråper White

I love the details of the backpack and with the expandable metal hook closer I can adjust it to fit depending on how much I pack into the bag. There’s even a laptop pocket within it, along with four smaller compartments to contain my phone, wallet, keys and other smaller items so they don’t end up swimming around inside. The inner lining of the bag is made of 100% cotton and the colour is just so pretty!

Suitable for whether I’m headed outdoors or just working indoors.

There are four metal studs under the bag which give it extra protection from abrasive or rough surfaces and also adds to giving it a cooler look. The basic colours of the bag also make it so easy for me to match it with whatever I’m wearing. Whether I’m dressed for meetings, work or play.

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Gearing up for school with Moonrock Backpacks

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As we approach the end of the holidays and prepare our little ones for the new school term, one of the important things we need to gear them up with is their backpack. 


Thank you @moonrockbags.sg for this ergonomic backpack for Miss LaLa! She tried it yesterday and really liked how the convenient magnetic sternum lock and hip belt help keep her bag from slipping and swinging around while she walking or running. And in this humid climate, the breathable hollow chamber foam allowed for active air flow and ventilation around her back. She got really excited when it started drizzling and I used the protective cover that came along with the bag to wrap and shield it.


As a parent I really appreciate some of the unique features of the backpack such as the 5-point support and O-Ring multi-angle strap that provides comprehensive protection for her growing spine. The spinal-shaped ergonomic aluminum allow bar fitted inside the school bag also provides support and and durability to its back structure. With a 360 degrees reflective surface this helps ensure visibility of my child in low light environment and keep her safe.


Moonrock is the world’s first schoolbag brand to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and recently launched this month in Singapore. If you’re keen to get one of these amazing backpacks from #moonrockbags for your little one, you can visit the website at www.moonrocksg.com and use the promo code MR2017BTS to get a further 10% off.