Nykki’s Learning Journey with The British Council

A child’s ability to excel on any subject or topic is so greatly dependant on their interest and enjoyment on the subject too. Which is why I am such a happy mommy to see Nykki enjoying her weekly lessons with the British Council’s enrichment programme at Tampines. She would actually remind me on the day of her lesson to pack her bag and pick her up earlier from her preschool to send her to class in the late afternoon.

When we first started her on the lessons months ago, I noticed that she started becoming more and more interested in reading storybooks and would even try to read on her own at night before bed. This makes it so easy for me because I used to teach my three older girls to read when they were Nykki’s age and it was hard work getting them to sit down to try reading the words from the storybooks without feeling having to use tonnes of encouragement and negotiation.

Learning Materials used in the Enrichment Programme

Among the learning materials given to the enrolled students in the enrichment programme are a folder where the kids can file their worksheets, 2 workbooks with the super adorable Timmy The Little Lamb as the mascot and all these are packed into a lovely tote bag prepared by the British Council.

Filled with colourful and interesting characters in the learning materials based on the British stop-motion animated children’s television series Shaun The Sheep, its no surprise that it easily captures the children’s attention while they work through the activities assigned by the Internationally qualified teachers.

Nykki would always come home after her weekly enrichment classes at the British Council ready to share with me about what she learnt and it to see how enthusiastic she is about it truly makes me happy that I made the right choice to send her there.

She was so excited about her show and tell session for one of the lessons and even got her sisters involved so she could practice for it before presenting it to her classmates that week. That says a lot when a child is so eager to prepare for her lesson and can’t wait to go to class.

Sending her to her weekly lessons at The British Council at the Tampines branch

In fact she often will take her worksheets out at home to go through what she learnt at the centre too.

Within her folder is a Parent’s Guide which lets us know what our little ones are learning at each lesson during the term and this is so helpful as we can then revise and apply what they’ve learnt. I love how I can see her progress week by week and her interest in reading grow as her vocabulary and sight words library grow.

Knowing her phonics focus for the week helps me identify words for her to practice reading when we’re at home and her confidence grows along with her interest for reading and writing.

I really like how the workbooks they use have such colourful pages along with the characters from Shaun The Sheep to capture the children’s attention and make learning fun.

Seeing the familiar characters come up again and again throughout their learning journey here does give them a sense of familiarity and Nykki even requested to watch the Shaun The Sheep series at home on weekends now!

The kids will go through 2 of these workbooks throughout the first and second semester of the pre-school enrichment programme.

Their worksheets and handouts are neatly kept in the folder provided by the school upon registration.

Updates from the Teacher

What I really like about the enrichment programme here at the British Council is how there’s even a parent-teacher meeting arranged in the middle of the semester so that we parents can learn about our child’s progress and where there are opportunities that we can work on with our little ones which we may have missed out since the kids get to work and interact in groups during the lessons as compared to how they would be doing their activities alone at home or among siblings of different ages.

I was pleasantly surprised to also receive an update on Nykki’s progress at the end of her first term there. I wasn’t expecting it because I usually don’t don’t have updates like this from other enrichment programmes which I’ve enrolled my older kids to in the past. So this was indeed a very welcome move from the centre.

All in all I have to say that I am impressed by the enrichment programme at The British Council and would highly recommend it to parents who wish to help their little ones gain interest in reading and even learning about other cultures. Exposing our children to different ways of learning and understanding different cultures is such an important part of their early years of development. And I love watching how my little one is enjoying every part of this journey.


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