Award Winning Designs at Affordable prices with Masons Home Décor

Living on the island of Singapore means likely means that we’re paying a lot more for better quality furniture as much of it is imported. Although we’re willing to pay a higher price for better quality and design of furniture and household decorative items, there’s only so much that we can get with out budgets.

Fortunately with Masons Home Décor, paying too much for mediocre furniture is a thing of the past. So how is it that they’re able to keep their cost of premium furniture lower?

Eliminating the middlemen

By taking away the need for middlemen and going directly to consumers, Masons Home Decor is able do away with the additional costs that will make their premium furniture more expensive for the end buyer.

What does this mean to us consumers besides not having to pay the unnecessary fees to middlemen? We also get to choose from a much wider range of quality furniture from Masons Home Decor directly!

In fact, their designers and craftsmen all work from the factory workshop located in Malaysia to create high quality furniture and display pieces that shipped directly to us in Singapore when we order it from them online here.

Solid Wood Pieces that can Last a Lifetime

Did you know? Mass market wooden furniture and display pieces can contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde as part of the treatment process to preserve it. This is extremely harmful to us and can cause health problems.

Thankfully the wood from Masons Home Decor are 100% sustainable and safe. The wood that they use are so strong that they actually do not warp and are durable and even water resistant.

I happen to have one of their beautiful Teak Root Glass Bowl Decor piece and since owning it and using it for months, I have to say it truly lives up to its claims. Why do I say that?

The base of the piece that I own from Masons Home Decor is actually made with very strong and durable teak root which happens to be a very hardy, weathered and industrious natural material. And this natural durability makes teak ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Here is the Teak Root Glass Bowl Decor piece that I own and depending on the size that you order, the pice can range from $129 to $399. You can even choose to pay for your purchases from Masons Home Decor in instalments which makes it even more affordable.

I actually really love how I can even fill up the bowl with water and not worry about the wooden base being damaged by the moisture. In fact I’ve used this decor bowl and base indoors and outdoors and I enjoy turning it ever so often so I get to see a different view and details of the unique piece. No one else will have one that is exactly the same!

The workmanship is so good and the glass bowl sits perfectly on the teak root without even budging once I’ve placed it on top like a jigsaw puzzle.

The quality of the products from Masons Home Decor is so good that there is even a 15 year warranty on their solid wood furniture! All their other products have a 6 month warranty period.

So Versatile and So Unique

I can’t get enough of how unique each one of these bowls and teak root bases are, and no two pieces will be identical. Love it!

There are so many ways you can see the decorative piece and its not just by turning it at a different angle. You can see many other designs of the Teak Root Glass bowl Decor pieces here .

I actually filled it up with water and placed colourful glass baubles in it so I could even see the base of the bowl before I decided to plant more succulents in it. And it being water proof, I don’t have to worry about it leaking or damaging the wood beneath.

You can see how just by shifting and turning it a little, you get to see different details etched in the wood and the glass. Its just intriguing to me and never boring.

Thank you so much Masons Home Decor for making high quality furniture and beautiful decorative pieces like this Teak Root Glass Bowl affordable and within reach.

With Christmas soon approaching, you might want to check out their range of Christmas trees too.

They do have a Christmas Showroom for Christmas Trees, Ornaments, and Decorations located at:

39A Jln Pemimpin #03-01C Singapore 577183

Operating Hours: 11 am to 11 pm Daily



Contact (What’s App Only): +65 9618 3746

Operating hours: 24 hours