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Learning to ride a bike for me meant getting scrapped knees and a booboo here and there. This was what I used to think, until my kids learnt to ride on the bicycle with Biking Singapore within just one lesson! They had 2 lessons each but by the end of the second lesson, they were confident riders, and I was one happy mom. We even bought new bikes for them right after they graduated from the 2-days course so that we can bike around as a family!

The kids with their cycling coaches

Nykki can’t wait to join her sisters soon and even brought her scooter along to watch them during their 2 lessons here.

A little more about Biking Singapore

Starting from the love for exploring cities around the world on bike, Biking Singapore does not just provide cycling lessons for individuals of various ages. They actually provide local bike tours and mobile bike rentals for those seeking to explore Singapore on bicycles. And if you’re not able to cycle yet, they provide their Learn to Cycle programme which will have you doing just that in no time! As travellers we don’t have the luxury of having too much time to learn to cycle before getting the explore a city, so its a bonus that the coaches at Biking Singapore will help you get the confidence you need to get there in no time!

In fact they’re even rated as one of the top Adventure Experience Provider in Singapore by their guests from around the world! Their guides aren’t just tour guides but are cycling guides who can safely take you around the island (and even Pulau Ubin!) while sharing about the country and the biking culture here in Singapore. Find out more about their Cycling adventure services here.

I really appreciate how they encourage and support the idea of cycling around to see the sights that we may miss when we take buses, cars, vans and even motorbikes which aren’t allowed beyond roads and carparks. Not just that, they also support the idea of cycling to work and also provide bike rental and pick up services right to your doorstep. Check out their Cycle to Work services here.

Not all Cycling programmes are the same

Biking Singapore’s Learn to Cycle Course provides cycling lessons for our little ones with professional and certified coaches under the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP). After our kids learn to cycle, they’ll advance to pick up safety cycling skills too!

​The cycling classes at Biking Singapore are split into  Children Cycling ClassAdult Cycling Class and Refresher Cycling Class. So you can choose the right programme for the appropriate age group and level.

Lessons were conducted at PassionWave, 11 Rhu Cross Road and it was such an ideal location as the shade from the bridge overhead provided much relief from the sun and the heat.

Nya with one of the coaches
Learning to ride outdoors with shade provided throughout.


You can actually choose between letting your kids take on the Private Class package or the Children Group Cycling classes. Rates are different and my girls were taking on the Private Class package which includes:

  • 2 sessions, 2 hours per session
  • $200 per student

In fact the classes are mobile and are conducted at various parks around the island.

Contactless Training and Safe Distancing

What I really appreciated about the lessons was how the coaches were all able to observe safe distancing and no contact was needed at all while teaching the children to cycle. Typically you’d think that we need to hold on to the bikes and guide the kids as they learn to confidently cycle by themselves. But not once did the coaches need to hold on to the bikes to guide the kids, also though they still managed to stay close enough to give instructions and guidance.

I was impressed with how my kids managed to get the hang of getting their feet on the pedals and cycling by themselves all within the first lesson under the effective coaching and they thoroughly enjoyed the lesson so much that they looked forward to the second and final lesson where they got to head out to the Marina Barrage.

The girls cycled from Tanjong Rhu to Marina Barrage on Day 2 of their lesson and learnt about safe cycling tips.
The route that we took to go to Marina Barrage with their coaches.
Cycling to see Singapore does have its perks.

See the city on a bike is vastly different from seeing the place from behind windows in a vehicle. And if you’re on foot, it can take too long too. I couldn’t help but stop to take in the sights during our ride to Marina Barrage.

If you’ve been hesitating to let your kids or even yourself learn to ride a bike, take heart that it will be a breeze and you’ll get the hang of it so quickly with the help of the qualified coaches from Biking Singapore. You’ll be exploring places on in a great way real soon!


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