The Start of Nykki’s British Council Journey

Ever since Nykki turned 4, I’ve been planning to send her for English enrichment classes so she can further cultivate her love for reading and writing just like her older sisters.

I always believe that being able to speak and write is a basic, but to do it well can help one express themselves and communicate even better with others.


Nykki has always loved drama thanks to her sisters who created her own series of videos called The Nykki Show and this little munchkin has embraced public speaking from that moment on. As a parent I know that she has a love for sharing stories from her wild imagination and I’m more than happy to support her in developing this interest.


This is why I’m so glad that we managed to get a spot for Nykki to attend the British Council enrichment programme.


The British Council in Singapore

Building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language is what the British Council aims to do in the 6 continents and over 100 countries that it has established itself in over the years. And here in Singapore, it even has its own preschool located at 11 Tampines Concourse.


There are educational programmes for a wide range of age groups and I really love that while sharpening her literacy skills which are aligned to the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education, Nykki will also be able to have fun, be exposed to a different culture and of course stay safe in their facility. Read on to find out about the safety measures taken here at their centre in Tampines.


With four centres located island-wide in Napier Road, Tampines, Marsiling and Toa Payoh, the various centres have internationally qualified teachers helping students to succeed in various stages of life and developing the essential 21st century skills and proficiencies for the young ones to be able to thrive in this fast changing world.


Out of the four centres, I chose to take Nykki to the Tampines location as its closest to our home, in fact its only a 7 minutes drive away. How convenient!

Find out more about the programmes offered at their various locations here.

English Enrichment classes for The Early Years

When I told her that she was enrolled in an English enrichment programme, she was super excited because she really enjoys learning and I couldn’t be assured sending her to The British Council because not only are the children’s English enrichment classes here aligned to the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education, they also address problems that students face with English, and help develop them into confident users of the language. At the same time, I love how they encourage creativity, socialization and active learning.

She really looks forward to the classes here each week.
Some of the art pieces made by the pre-schoolers here at the Tampines Centre.
Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help the young ones learn efficiently.

There are various courses and programmes for the Kindergarteners including:

  • Kindergarten 1. Students will develop their phonic awareness and read 2 to 3 letter combinations. They will also be introduced to the often used ‘tricky words’ and distinguish some spelling patterns. Show and Tell during their lessons help to develop their speaking confidence and socialisation skills. By the end of the course, they will be able to write and read short sentences accurately.
  • Kindergarten 2. This is where the children move on to become independent readers and develop their comprehension skills via story-related activities and can begin to write simple paragraphs. Show and Tell will continue in this programme and in the second half of the term, students will improve their skills in comprehension and speaking.
  • Reading Booster (for Kindergarten 2 only). This is the programme where the little ones can get the extra support to reinforce their literacy skills before beginning Primary 1. This course is ideal for children who have a basic grasp of phonics but have yet to transit to any reading fluency.


All four of the British Council centres here in Singapore offer these courses for the pre-schoolers and you can find out more here.


Reassuring Safety measures taken by The British Council centres.


After we had done the safe entry check-in, Nykki was brought to her classroom. For the safety of the children, parents and guardians are not allowed into the centre after dropping the children off. And similarly, when it is time to pick them up, we have to wait outside the centre while the teachers guide them out to parents or guardians. The additional step to allow only parents or guardians with allotted cards to pick up their children is very reassuring as it ensures that only authorized adults can be allowed to fetch the children.


I love the fact that the kids also have their ID card on lanyards that they wear when they’re at the centre for classes as it helps teachers and staff in the facility to guide students to their respective classes and to help identify them easily when needed too.

Only registered students are allowed into the classes which are capped at a lower limit now due to safe distancing measures. This is where the ID card comes in handy and we know who the little ones have been in contact with.

Getting her temperature checked upon entering the centre.
The various coloured lanyards to help staff easily identify students and their level.
About to enter her classroom here for the first lesson.
Once again getting her temperature checked by the teacher in class.
Getting her hands sanitized by the teacher in-charge.
Each child gets their own designated desk and seat with their names placed on it.

Love how designated spaces are marked out for the children to minimise physical contact.


In fact all classrooms are disinfected after one class ends and the before the next group comes in for their lessons.

This is so reassuring for us parents to know and I can have that peace of mind sending her for lessons.


In fact, children do not share stationary while they’re here for lessons and they each have their own folders, books and bags given to them when they’re enrolled for classes here.

Note the safe distance in between the various tables and chairs.

Thank you British Council for helping parents like myself feel confident about sending our precious children for classes to build up their confidence in taking on the world. See you again next week!

The Various Centres:


Address: 11 Tampines Concourse, #01-02/03/04, Singapore 528729


Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Phone6807 1597


Napier Road

Address: 30 Napier Rd, Singapore 258509


Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Phone6807 1597


Toa Payoh

Address: 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, #09-01 East Wing, HDB Hub, Singapore 310480


Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Phone6807 1597



Address: 1 Woodlands Street 31, #04-01 Fuchun Community Club, Singapore 738581


Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Phone6807 1597

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