Sculptra for Natural Volumisation at Halley Medical Aesthetics: Second treatment

I always tell my students “change takes time, and the patience and wait is worth it”.
This line also applies with the Sculptra treatment that I did at Halley Medical Aesthetics with Dr. Terence Tan. Unlike several other types of treatment like hyaluronic acid fillers which are used to fill up a localized area of treatment, Sculptra stimulates our skin to generate its own collagen for more natural and healthy-looking skin. With the use of poly-l-lactic (PLLA), this treatment gives a more long-lasting volumizing effect and is ideal for those who prefer letting the body generate its own collagen naturally.

I embrace aging, but I also intend to do it with less lines and droopy skin. Haha. I did the first Sculptra at Halley Medical Aesthetics and really appreciated how quickly and efficiently it was carried out. The second treatment was no different except that I was able to compare the difference and improvements from before I started the treatment as it does take time for the body to produce its own collagen and create that volumizing effect on our skin, and I was pleasantly surprised that the improvements from just one treatment were already so visible!. Read more about the Sculptra treatment and my first visit in my earlier blog entry here: Sculptra at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Needless to say, the second treatment was just as speedy and efficient, and I was off to teach 2 classes immediately after. No downtime is always a great thing as I really detest wasting time.
Note that it does take on average of 3 Sculptra treatments spaced about 6 weeks to 2 months apart in order to achieve the desired result so this will depend on the individual.

The Second Session: Follow up and recommendation for 2nd treatment

Going through the photos from the first treatment

Before the second treatment, Dr. Terence Tan pulled out my images taken earlier during the first visit and we compared them to the new ones taken today during the consult. Boy was I impressed because I do notice the difference and it does have an improvement in the areas around my temples and cheeks where we did the treatment the first time round. See for yourself.

Before first treatment (left) and Before second treatment (Right)

I noticed that my cheeks were not as sunken and my temples were more filled out where they actually had that sunken “Maleficent” look. No its not because I gained weight in case you’re wondering, lol.

Dr. Terence Tan and I were both pleased with the results since the first treatment and he then proceeded to recommend the steps for the second treatment. As the results from the second treatment are expected to be even better, Dr. Terence Tan also said I might not even need a third treatment if the results from the second treatment are good enough to reach my expectations.

Taking the before shots prior to commencing with the second treatment.

Seeing the improvements to the areas that I was concerned about was really great. We don’t think much of it but the truth is, we do lose bone mass and muscle mass as we age and this can cause our facial features to change, not to mention the fact that our skin will start to sag as a result of loss in volume.
So I’m glad that I got this treatment started with Halley Medical Aesthetics!

The Treatment

Outlining the treatment areas

Once I was briefed on the treatment and what to expect, the numbing cream was applied, and Dr. Terence Tan went ahead to work his magic.

Quite honestly, I’ve always been very impressed by Dr. Terence Tan’s ability to help his patients feel so at ease and continue chatting with us while he’s doing the treatments.

I was chit-chatting with him during the very quick few minutes when he was administering the Sculptra solution using the micro-cannula needle and I think it says a lot that I was actually able to just head off for another meeting and 2 classes right after the treatment.

In case you’re wondering about what the micro-cannula needle is about, it really isn’t a needle but a micro-cannula designed to gently slide into the skin and its flexibility allows the practitioner to control the movement.

Because of how blunt and flexible the micro-cannula needle is, there is minimal pain and less discomfort while getting better results as it distributes the filler more evenly.

Dr. Terence Tan in the midst of administering Sculptra

I think my face says it all in this picture. I was able to carry on a conversation with Dr. Terence Tan throughout the few minutes of the treatment and before I knew it, it was done!

Dr. Terence Tan once again reminded me to massage my treated areas 5 times a day for 5 minutes, and for 5 days.

It’s really not that difficult to do that at all because I’d usually do that each time after I wash my face and then add in another couple more breaks during the day to give myself a relaxing face massage. Easy peasy, and it helps you get the most out of the Sculptra treatment and its collagen stimulating effects.

The “After” shots from the second treatment



Before first treatment and After second treatment.

You can clearly see that my cheeks look less sunken and my temporal areas are more filled up too.

I was really pleased with the results from the quick second and really can’t wait to see the effects weeks after this. As mentioned earlier, it does take time for our body to produce its own collagen, so the effects I saw today are really the saline and Sculptra solution that’s volumized my treated areas. But it’s a good guide for what to expect as the final result.

Yet again, I’m impressed by the results from the treatment here at Halley Medical Aesthetics under Dr. Terence Tan and I absolutely can’t wait to see the improvements again in a few weeks!


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