Delivering Beautiful Bouquets and Smiles Islandwide: Blog Review of Farm Florist

It’s hard not to be surprised and smile when you’re presented with a bouquet of blooms. And if its a beautiful bouquet, you’d probably be like me and just stop to smell or appreciate the perfection of the flowers in it.

Now on the contrary…. if you were presented with flowers that are blemished and wilted, it could in fact bring your mood down south or cause you to feel sad. This is why the quality of the blooms from the florist is so important, but some key things that define a great florist apart from the quality of their blooms and presentation is their reliability and timeliness of their deliveries.

I recently received this gorgeous Surprise Bouquet from Farm Florist which brightened up my day and of course my home and deep inside I was so appreciative of the effort that was put in to ensure that these fresh flowers were delivered to me in the perfect condition which they were.

Every Rose was just perfect and blemish-free and I knew that the florist must have made sure that they prepared this bouquet at just the right time before the scheduled delivery so that it would reach me in its pristine state. Thank you Farm Florist!

Even my number 3 loves this bouquet too!

Responsible Business and Reliable

What makes Farm Florist really stand out is how its the only online florist in Singapore providing re-delivery or refunds for late deliveries or poorly executed orders. This says a lot about about the high standard of service that they upkeep and gives consumers like myself much peace-of-mind knowing that the recipient of the flowers is going to be delighted and pleasantly surprised.

Its really comforting to know that what you order will look just like what you receive when it arrives too. It can be so frustrating when misrepresentation happens and the bouquet you receive looks different from what you ordered online even though there are some characteristics of fresh flowers that are hard to control.

I love being surrounded by fresh plants and just seeing the beautiful blooms in the bouquet from Farm Florist does make me feel even happier with the gorgeous mix of colours and stalks.

Quick delivery without compromise on Quality

Did you know? You can make an order within 5 minutes from their website here and have your flowers delivered on the same day within 60 minutes? How cool is that? Doesn’t take too long to brighten someone’s day eh?

I really love how the business runs without the need to compromise someone else’s happiness as they operate with Anti-slavery and Fair Practices. Thumbs up Farm Florist! This is one florist I will highly recommend to anyone for any occasion. Check out their website for a wide range of flowers for a wide array of events and occasions at affordable prices.


Sales: What’s App Only +65 9618 3746