My yearly visit to Japan 2018

The reason I’d travel here each year.

I love travelling to explore different places and discover new things.

But for me to travel long hours to the same place multiple times, there has to be a very good reason….. and here she is- my sister and my only sibling.

I always knew I’m a very lucky girl ever since I was little because I’ve been gifted with such an amazing older sibling who looks out for me and shares the same views and beliefs. She’s the reason why I emphasise so much about sibling love to my kids and I credit this wonderful human being for shaping me into the person I am today. (Yes mom and pops, you guys too!)

The list of all the craziness we were up to all week!

I’d go through anything with you (about that naked onsen though…) and I know we’ll have fun through it all.

Each time I’m here with you it’s a new experience and more unforgettable memories that I’ll hold dear for life.

We checked off the shenanigans list (and then some) that you prepared so we can be silly together while I’m here, we spotted herds of wild deer in the nearby mountains, hunted for wild mushrooms, visited an owl cafe and reptile store and so much more. I have managed to escaped your plans to make me go for naked onsen together for a few years now…. but I have a feeling that I’ll resent and give in to that ridiculous idea soon, just cos I love you so much!

Thank you for scaling mountains and hunting for waterfalls with me.

Thank you for introducing me to wonderful people who declared the #Dawnpose.

Thank you for taking me out to wonderful places and my first experience to a Sake Festival.

For making me feel so loved and cared for…..

For making sure that I’m safe and surrounded by positive people like yourself.

Thank you for being such an important part of my life Jie. I love you. Till my next visit again to Japan.