Dressing up four daughters

Ever since Large was born, I had always shopped at @mothercaresg for my babies daily needs and apparel. And even up till now I still enjoy shopping here for their clothes because I know the quality is good and the kiddos will be comfortable while wearing them.

Now dressing up one daughter and stocking up her closet isn’t exactly a walk in the park. So with four daughters, I do have to make of an effort to ensure that they have comfortable and well-fitted clothes that they can enjoy their activities in and not worry about chafing , seams coming off or some form Olof wardrobe malfunction.


Thank you Mothercare for the beautiful outfits for my four girls that they truly enjoy running and lounging around in.


And it looks like I’m half prepared for the CNY visiting! I just need to get two more red dresses now! 😉.


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