Gearing up for school with Moonrock Backpacks

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As we approach the end of the holidays and prepare our little ones for the new school term, one of the important things we need to gear them up with is their backpack. 


Thank you for this ergonomic backpack for Miss LaLa! She tried it yesterday and really liked how the convenient magnetic sternum lock and hip belt help keep her bag from slipping and swinging around while she walking or running. And in this humid climate, the breathable hollow chamber foam allowed for active air flow and ventilation around her back. She got really excited when it started drizzling and I used the protective cover that came along with the bag to wrap and shield it.


As a parent I really appreciate some of the unique features of the backpack such as the 5-point support and O-Ring multi-angle strap that provides comprehensive protection for her growing spine. The spinal-shaped ergonomic aluminum allow bar fitted inside the school bag also provides support and and durability to its back structure. With a 360 degrees reflective surface this helps ensure visibility of my child in low light environment and keep her safe.


Moonrock is the world’s first schoolbag brand to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association and recently launched this month in Singapore. If you’re keen to get one of these amazing backpacks from #moonrockbags for your little one, you can visit the website at and use the promo code MR2017BTS to get a further 10% off.

Wrapping up Christmas presents and the year 2017

As we approach the tail end of the year, I’m sure many like myself will take some time to reflect back on the happenings and learnings from the past year. And 2017 has been an extremely significant one for me since the opening of Trium Fitness and finding a way to manage my family and the business while my husband is stationed overseas.

From the time we opened the studio’s doors till this day, I’ve learnt so much and it’s not just about running a business, but also managing relationships and expectations, about handling major stress and anxiety, and understanding the importance of connection. 
All too often we’re communicating, but are you truly connecting? As a teacher, I do make an effort to get to know my students and connect with them so they feel comfortable enough to tell me more about themselves and allow me to guide them through their fitness journey more successfully once I know where their weaknesses and strengths lie.
As a working mother of four girls, I don’t just call to check on my kids or spend time playing and learning with them when we’re together. I make a strong effort to spend 1 on 1 time with each child to truly connect with her especially since they all have such different personalities and preferences.
In this time and age where we are so dependent on the internet for information and convenience, we are also robbed of that connectedness with people around us. Kids are often given electronic gadgets to keep them occupied, friends and family sitting at the dining table might be looking at their phones instead of one another, and even newbies to yoga or something more complicated like aerial might be looking at YouTube to lean some fancy move instead of being taught the proper techniques in person by a teacher who can give adjustments according to the students needs and limitations. There is always a consequence to that……
I too am guilty of whipping out my phone and laptop when my kids and loved ones are around. But as I was wrapping Christmas presents this year and reflecting while I was at it, I will definitely be more mindful about that connectedness with those around me moving forward.
Looking back on this past year, I’m overflowing with gratitude for everyone who has supported and encouraged me on this journey to building Trium Fitness to what it is today. A place where I wanted to build a community of like-minded teachers and students who are on a journey of endless learning and development. This environment and community that I see today at the studio is what I envisioned at the beginning on the drawing board and seeing how our students have developed from being newbies to where they are now just makes my heart swell. 
From the bottom of my heart, I give thanks to all my friends, family, our Trium Fitness members, my students and acquaintances for all your support. May our next year in 2018 bring forth more value to everyone who comes to us. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all! ❤️
If you’d like to know more about Trium Fitness or join us for classes, you can find us at 12 Kallang Avenue, Aperia Mall, #03-01/02, S339511. Or visit our website for details on classes and packages at

Making working momlife even easier with honestbee

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Thank you @honestbeesg for the surprise this afternoon right afternoon my lunchtime class! And you gave me just what I needed to refuel 💪🏻.

The freshness of the fruit in the hamper was very much appreciated too! 


As a mother of four and business owner my time is very precious. So the fact that honestbee can now deliver my groceries as fast as the next hour or on the same day, it truly is a very welcome convenience for me. 


Fresh by honestbee is the newest addition to the the honestbee family and was just launched islandwide. 


Download their app to your phone or visit their website at to purchase from Fresh.


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My girl army

Bringing up an army of girls and toughening them up ain’t an easy feat. As a parent I teach them to be hardy and have grit, but I also nurture them to have kindness and love for others in their hearts. 

This school holiday I’ve taken them along with me to several charity initiatives where they’ve had to carry heavy groceries and deliver them door to door to the elderly and drop off bags of necessities to the Boy’s Brigade. And today they got involved in an initiative #bethegift where the wishes of the less privileged children to gift something to their caregiver is fulfilled. 

All these involvements open their eyes and hearts to something bigger and I can only hope that they will continue to benefit and bring love and care to the less fortunate when they’re adults. ❤️.

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The magic of Christmas

Some of the enchanting things about Christmas include the snow and seeing how our little ones try to catch them before it lands on the ground. There’s also the stories about Christmas and how it came about. Not forgetting the wonderment of telling Santa your wish for this season and seeing the smiles on loved ones when you make their wish come true.

Traveling somewhere this season to experience all this may not be possible for some of us but there are still ways to experience all this wonderment and see the faces and spirits of your little ones light up brighter than the lights on a Christmas tree.
When we visited the Magical Realm at Velocity, not only did my babies get to listen to Father Christmas and Jack Frost share about the stories of Christmas, the little ones were treated with popcorn and candy floss and they also got to sit in a carriage and take some pictures with a life-size Christmas themed carousel. 
What was most special about the visit here was the massive snow globe that we could enter and within it the kids could experience snowfall and be taken to what seems to be a page out of a Christmas storybook. 
It’s so important to keep the sense of wonderment in our little ones. How are you doing it this season?

Your source of purpose

What is your biggest source of purpose for what you do? Is it family, religion or even your work. When we have meaning in what we do it buffers us against burnout and exhaustion. 

As a working mother, on most days I only get 4 to 6 hours of sleep but getting to do what I love and having a meaningful impact on those I interact and deal with just energizes me and I feel better able to handle the difficult stuff. And it harder for me while my other half is stationed for years overseas for work.
There is more than one way to look at a situation but when you give meaning to what you do, notice how everything changes.

No matter how tired I am, the thought of heading out to play with these guys and making memories just works better than 4 cups of espresso.

Family is definitely one of my main source of purpose. ❤️