Spartan Super 2017

In what was my first attempt at the Spartan Super yesterday, I managed to overcome all but two of the obstacles laid out in the 13km route for the race.

Carbo loading the day before and staying well hydrated throughout the race help stave off those dreaded muscle cramps and fatigue and I woke up this morning feeling just the tightness in some areas which was easily sorted out with stretching and some yoga. But it’s those bruises the size of oranges that I have to cover up with long leggings for the next few days lest someone thinks I’m the victim of domestic abuse 😂
I really am thankful for the fact that I’m fortunate enough to get to train in a variety of disciplines (yoga, pilates, aerial, Crossfit, running and swimming) though I do teach only Yoga Pilates and Aerial. Swinging through the monkey bars, scaling the walls, leopard crawling under the barbed wires and maneuvering through the slippery and muddy trails would not have been possible if not for the experience and training from these different disciplines. 
Finding that balance in life isn’t just about managing your time, eating right and managing stress. Even down to the way that we exercise and take care of our physical body….. we need to train in ways that benefit our cardiovascular health , our muscles, our connective tissue, etc. And keeping to a variety is key to achieving a more well rounded approach.
The comraderie, support and teamwork yesterday was so greatly appreciated and made it possible for all of us to make it to through the finish line. 
It was so much fun going through all the obstacles yesterday that I’m seriously considering going for the Spartan Beast next! Aroo!

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