Sit down for a cuppa

Sitting here at AEIOU cafe with my favorite order of avocado coffee, I’m reminded of how important it is for us all to take the time to connect with that non-rushing side of us. I call this….. “Avocado Coffee Time”. With a million and one thing’s that I have to juggle, the last thing I want is a melt-down or burn-out. And the only reason why I look like I’m able to breeze through my days without going bananas is because I actually plan for short moments to do the things that make me feel less like a machine and more like a curious learner, intrigued with my surroundings and people around me. It feels like you switched to a different type of lens and see the world differently, in a better way of course.

When I sat down with one of my clients today who is almost 60 and looks more like she’s 40…… she shared with me once again how she schedules in our sessions and doesn’t allow anyone from work to disturb her during the time that we’re working together. This is how she manages her mood and recharges herself. This is her “avocado coffee time”. If there’s another busy mom and business owner I know who juggles a million and one things….. this is she. 
Sometimes we get so caught up in work or managing and the slightest trigger can potentially cause you to snap at others. Before that happens….. take an “avocado coffee moment”.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today marks the 10th year that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom…… and it keeps getting better. Even though I thought I’d get to sleep in but Number 3 (Miss LaLa) woke me up at 6.30am to wish me Happy Mommy’s Day because she had been waiting since yesterday to say it to me.

The fact that I have children between the ages of 1 and 10 does make it slightly more challenging when I plan for activities, discipline, shop for their needs and educate them. But that also teaches me so much about adaptability, patience, creativity and communication. The best part about all this is……. I get FOUR times more of that love coming back to me! ❤
Yesterday this mob of girls surprised me with a bunch of gifts that they so thoughtfully picked out and paid for with their hard earned money from doing chores and washing cars.
One of the handmade cards that I got from the girls this year. It folds up to become a heart ❤️ 
Their differing personalities means my approach to discipline and teaching them can be quite different. There’s Goody-two-shoes (Large), Tomboy brainy (Medium), Fairy Princess wannabe (Small) and Boss Baby (Extra Small).
And all of my achievements and who I am now would not have been possible without my very own Mom who has always been there for me. For all the difficult times I’ve put you through and all those rubbish bickering sessions we’ve had, I love you mom…… more than you can imagine. Happy Mother’s Day! 
Vitamin D

Take a picture!

Those who know me very well would’ve had in many instances heard me scream “take a picture take a picture take a picture!” And I oftentimes get teased by them for that…… 

Yes I do take a tonne of pictures and videos especially those of my kids, and I’m really happy that I have these home videos and pictures to share with them about their childhood. Sometimes my girls will just randomly ask me to show them videos of our life back in France or the USA when they were riding horses, picking blueberries and cherries, baking with me, camping at Yellowstone Park or just spending time at the beach making sand castles. 
Nya horse-riding on the Oregon trail
Memories truly are important and even though I had been blogging for over 5 years before a hiatus and only very recently did I return to blogging again, I’m so glad I printed my 5 years worth of blogging into books that my kids happily flip through once in awhile.
One of the several blog books that I got printed eons ago.
You hear people say this a lot “look back on the happy memories”. I’m just happy that I don’t have to rely on just my aging brain to churn out those memories and special moments. I’ve got videos…. pictures, photo albums and books to help me ❤
Nyla learning to fly at the Zoo
At the Pumpkin festival
Catching Kiki (aka #4) in the act when she’s getting told off for playing with sharp pencils and running around. This does this “ostrich burying her head” thing.

Spartan Super 2017

In what was my first attempt at the Spartan Super yesterday, I managed to overcome all but two of the obstacles laid out in the 13km route for the race.

Carbo loading the day before and staying well hydrated throughout the race help stave off those dreaded muscle cramps and fatigue and I woke up this morning feeling just the tightness in some areas which was easily sorted out with stretching and some yoga. But it’s those bruises the size of oranges that I have to cover up with long leggings for the next few days lest someone thinks I’m the victim of domestic abuse 😂
I really am thankful for the fact that I’m fortunate enough to get to train in a variety of disciplines (yoga, pilates, aerial, Crossfit, running and swimming) though I do teach only Yoga Pilates and Aerial. Swinging through the monkey bars, scaling the walls, leopard crawling under the barbed wires and maneuvering through the slippery and muddy trails would not have been possible if not for the experience and training from these different disciplines. 
Finding that balance in life isn’t just about managing your time, eating right and managing stress. Even down to the way that we exercise and take care of our physical body….. we need to train in ways that benefit our cardiovascular health , our muscles, our connective tissue, etc. And keeping to a variety is key to achieving a more well rounded approach.
The comraderie, support and teamwork yesterday was so greatly appreciated and made it possible for all of us to make it to through the finish line. 
It was so much fun going through all the obstacles yesterday that I’m seriously considering going for the Spartan Beast next! Aroo!

Number 2!

Number 2……. Also known as Medium, The Wild Child and Mini Dawn.

For the first year after she was born, it felt as though I hadn’t given birth because she would be wrapped against my chest while I did all the chores, practiced, took care of her and Large and of course shopped for groceries. 
When we later moved to the States, I remember how shopping for groceries was such a breeze not just because you and your sis would hold my pockets while I pushed the trolley….. but really because even at a tender age of 3 you could remember where some of the items I needed were located. Thanks brainy.
Always the first one to race me up a tree and roll out the mat to practice together, stalk wild iguanas and snakes or just hang out (upside down) on our hammocks….. Medium has always gotten the hang of things at breakneck speed with a smile on her face.
If only she could do that when it comes to finishing her meals 😂
Love you baby cakes ❤

Number 1! Large….

Meet Large. Also known as Goody two shoes and the unpaid babysitter 😂

My firstborn who taught me the most about what is it is to be a mother, how to love someone else more than I love myself and how to catch vomit with my shirt like a hammock before it ends up all over the carpet.
She’s always amazed me with her heart of gold and thoughtfulness towards others, always ready to give and think about the impact on those around her.
Ever since I was pregnant with her second sister 10 months after she was born, Large has always been there to help me and cheer up….. even helping me fetch the diapers and wet wipes for her sis when she was less than 2 years old. And 10 years on, this has not changed. She still does all this and more 
Thank you for letting me be your mommy. And finish your vegetables! 😂 
Love you baby.

Number 4

Number 4, The Baby Thing…….. also known as Miss Kiki.

She’s the boss in the household and one “ehhh!” has us all scuttling to fulfill her demand. Ha! Well sorta.
At 1 year and 5 months old, she’s climbing up and down beds, sofas and coffee tables like a pro and I can’t wait to take her tree climbing with her sisters and I when she’s ready. 
Yoga and group hugs get her sprinting to us and just like her 3rd sister, Miss Kiki is showing signs of being a bottomless pit. Her favorite snacks include seaweed and blueberries. 
Enjoy your time as our boss while you can Fatty Pants!

Number 3

Number 3…… Also known as Miss LaLa.


This is the one who still believes in magic and fairies….. and of course the possibility that she can grow up to be a Princess of the world.


This little girl has a knack for making friends wherever she goes and most recently has been nominated as Mayor of the heartland at my mum and dad’s neighborhood. 

I still find it highly amusing that on her way to school and back, walking past the market and banks, she will insist on greeting Mr Yong Tau Fu man, Mr Ice Cream stall man, Uncle Mat Yo Yo who runs the Malay food stall at the market and Uncle Wanton Mee. Oftentimes they will offer her packets of food or snacks from their stall to take along with her. ❤

She truly understands and lives by that kampong spirit. 

Don’t grow up so fast my darling…..



Photo credit: @eena_eyes .

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Spontaneity brings about the best surprises

I’ve always appreciated how my kids are always up for whatever crazy idea I throw at them. Be it climbing a tree, carrying an iguana, stalking a snake or putting their tiny feet into a pool of hungry Garra Rufa.

And it is also these moments of spontaneity that bring about some of the best memories and that sense of adventure. 


Disclaimer: no children were hurt on any of these impromptu adventures
Everyone has their way of bringing up their kids and will know what’s best for them. But for my badass girl squad….. I want them to be fearless and brave people who know how to live life to the fullest ❤

Even when you expected it….. It still hits hard

Yesterday started out great and the girl army and I went about our usual weekend adventuring and gallivanting around the island till evening when I called my mum and she informed me that my grandma was being admitted to the hospital again.

She had been in and out of the hospital for the past year now battling colon cancer at the age of 92. And late last night she passed on…… 
Even though we were told by the doctors since last week to be prepared for this, it still hit us hard when the moment finally came.


You always had one of the kindest hearts I know and the memories I have of you taking care of us will live on. 
Love you always Porpor 😔❤