First time to Sentosa for my 2 Ns

This morning Nyx and Nya finally got to visit the island resort known as Sentosa. We had a picnic on Palawan beach and also crossed over the suspension bridge to set foot on the southern most point of the asian continent.
The two girls had loads of fun playing with the sand and frolicking in the sea and wading pool. I had wanted to let them experience close encounters with some animals on exhibit next to the beach but the timing just didn’t coincide with the performance schedule. Next time then =)

HFMD in Nyx’s school

For the past two months there had been 4 cases of HFMD in Nyx’s school. I allowed her to continue attending classes everyday because these cases occurred in different sessions and classes from her. However, yesterday I was notified by the form teacher that one of her classmates was down with the virus too. I didn’t want to expose Nyx or Nya to the virus so till next week she gets to skip school.

Its been a long while…..

I must admit, since coming back to Singapore I have been really horrible at updating my blog. But I’m back! I’m still having trouble uploading photos and videos to blogspot however……
My two girls have grown so much over the past couple of months since we left France and yesterday I took them for their development assessment at the polyclinic nearby. According to the doctor and the nurses there, both kids are extremely tall and are in the 97th percentile range for their height and weight.

Everyday, Nyx asks me whether I can take her swimming and everyday Nya asks me for seaweed to eat. Oh boy….. They’re so hyper and noisey that sometimes the noise doesn’t stop ringing in my head even when they’re asleep, haha!

Here are a few pictures taken of them recently.