St Emillion tours and lunch with the relatives

We made it to the vineyards of St Emillion really early to meet the owner of Chateau Laniote for a tour of his winery and to do some wine tasting. My relatives bought so much wine from the guy that he gave freebies like DVDs and souveniers. They bought over a thousand euros worth of wine to be shipped back to Singapore. I think it really made the owner very happy……

After the visit to the chateau, we joined a tour to see the monolithic underground church. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the church and its catacombs so we could only snap shots of its exterior.

Following the tour, we took a stroll along the narrow streets of the village center and then had lunch at a fancy french restaurant recommended by the chateau owner called Le Clos Du Roy where we ordered a large platter of foire gras to share on top of our individual menus, tried fried pigs feet, grilled meats and a variety of desserts including canalle, macarons with cream and fresh made ice cream.

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